Youth homelessess - drugs and alcohol advice

Some people suffer in silence, thinking their parents or friends won't understand their problems. It's critical that you hear what they have to say so you can understand their problems and point them in the right direction. But, ultimately, you shouldn't feel like you have to take on the problem yourself.  You can talk to our team and we can offer support.

The main aim of a Health and Wellbeing Officer's role is to engage with young people up to the age of 18 who show substance misuse needs, with a particular emphasis on alcohol, cannabis and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

Once a referral is received an officer will complete an assessment of the young person's alcohol/substance use/misuse, usually within the family home, with the aim to deliver appropriate education, harm reduction advice, relating to alcohol/substance misuse and related risk taking behaviour.

Contact the Health and Wellbeing Officer for your area:

Barry Arnison (Allerdale and Copeland) on 07887 947621

Tim Field (Barrow and South Lakes) on 07900 060645

Abi Reed (Carlisle and Eden) on 07825 340514

The Health and Wellbeing team act as a rapid first point contact for young people in crisis, in relation to substance misuse. They provide a universal early intervention service, delivering harm reduction advice to prevent the escalation of risk taking behaviour by young people.

The Health and Wellbeing team are part of a multi-agency approach therefore if it is identified that further work is required, an Early Help Assessment will be carried out to ensure the young person receives the correct support and achieves the best outcome.