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Current and forthcoming school closures in Cumbria
School nameclosedre-opens
  Alston Primary School Alston CA9 3UF
School Closed except for Vulnerable and Key Worker Children
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Friday 12 Feb 2021
  Appleby Primary School Appleby-In-Westmorland CA16 6TX
School is open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers.
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Asby Endowed School Appleby-In-Westmorland CA16 6EX
National lockdown.
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 09:00 on Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Beckstone Primary School Workington CA14 5PX Thursday 7 Jan 2021 Sunday 31 Jan 2021
  Bewcastle School Carlisle CA6 6PF
Open to Key Worker and vulnerable children as required.
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Blackford CofE Primary School Carlisle CA6 4ES
Open to Key Worker and vulnerable children as required
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Bowness-on-Solway Primary School Wigton CA7 5AF
Covid-19 only open to children of critical workers and vulnerable children
08:30 on Monday 11 Jan 2021 08:50 on Thursday 18 Feb 2021
  Braithwaite CofE VA Primary School Keswick CA12 5TD
On site provision is open only to vulnerable pupils and children of key workers from 5th January. who should inform the school of their need of it in advance of attending Remote learning is in place and all children are expected to engage with this.
Tuesday 12 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Brampton Primary School Brampton CA8 1BZ
Open from 3rd June 2020 for vulnerable and key worker children only.
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Brough Community Primary School Kirkby Stephen CA17 4EW Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 08:50 on Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Brunswick School Penrith CA11 7LX
Due to staff shortage.
Tuesday 12 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Burgh-by-Sands Primary School Carlisle CA5 6AP
School will be open for Key Worker children only who have been booked into the Hub
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Crosby Ravensworth CofE School Penrith CA10 3JJ
Staff shortages due to public health situation
09:00 on Tuesday 12 Jan 2021 09:00 on Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Culgaith CofE School Penrith CA10 1QL
The school will be partially closed until January 18th - It will remain open for children of critical workers and vulnerable children who should attend as normal
Monday 4 Jan 2021 08:30 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Dean CofE School Workington CA14 4TH
Opening for Vulnerable and critical worker families only on Monday. Remote learning will be provided and all pupils will be expected to engage with this on a daily basis. On site provision is open only for vulnerable pupils and children of critical workers from 5th January who should inform the school of their need of this by responding to the letter sent 4/1/21.
Thursday 14 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Derwent Vale Primary School and Nursery Workington CA14 1WA
School closed until further notice
Friday 15 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Gosforth CofE School Seascale CA20 1AZ
Due to Covid 19 national lockdown school is closed except to vulnerable / key worker children.
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 08:50 on Monday 22 Feb 2021
  High Hesket CofE School Carlisle CA4 0HU
Due to the situation related to Covid-19, school is only partially open for vulnerable children and children of key workers
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Holme St Cuthbert School Maryport CA15 6QZ
Closed due to lockdown (open to vulnerable & critical )
Wednesday 6 Jan 2021 Sunday 21 Feb 2021
  Kingmoor Junior School Carlisle CA3 0DU Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Kirkbampton CofE School Carlisle CA5 6HX
School is only open for key workers and vunerable pupils within our risk assessment limits
Friday 8 Jan 2021 Sunday 31 Jan 2021
  Kirkby Thore School Penrith CA10 1UU
Open for Children of Critical Workers and Vulnerable children.
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Kirkoswald CofE School Penrith CA10 1EN
Open for vulnerable pupils and key workers' children only
Thursday 7 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Lanercost CofE School Brampton CA8 2HL
Temporary school closure due to Covid-19 lockdown
08:00 on Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 08:45 on Sunday 31 Jan 2021
  Langwathby CofE Primary School Penrith CA10 1ND
Indefinite closure - date of re-opening school is uncertain.
09:00 on Monday 4 Jan 2021 09:00 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Long Marton Community Primary School Appleby-In-Westmorland CA16 6BT
Open for key work children only
08:55 on Monday 4 Jan 2021 08:55 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Monkwray Junior School Whitehaven CA28 9DT
Closed until further notice
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Nenthead Primary School Alston CA9 3LS
School closed except for Vulnerable and Key Worker Children
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Sunday 14 Feb 2021
  Newlaithes Infant School Carlisle CA2 6DX
School will be open for children of critical workers and vulnerable due to lack of staffing.
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Norman Street Primary School Carlisle CA1 2BQ
National Lockdown
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  North Lakes School Penrith CA11 8NU
School is only open to the children of Critical Workers, and pupils in need of additional support. Planned to re-open to all pupils on Monday 18 January - pls check with school for upadtes: 01768 899876
09:00 on Monday 4 Jan 2021 09:00 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  North Walney Primary, Nursery and Pre-School Barrow-In-Furness LA14 3TN
School is closed due to coronavirus
Thursday 14 Jan 2021 Friday 22 Jan 2021
  Oughterside Primary School Wigton CA7 2PY
School is open for Key worker and vulnerable children.All other children are learning online.
Thursday 7 Jan 2021 08:50 on Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Penruddock Primary School Penrith CA11 0QU
Heavy snow fall yesterday and extreme low temperatures this morning leading to icy road conditions.
09:00 on Friday 15 Jan 2021 09:00 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Samuel King's School Alston CA9 3QU
School closed except for Vulnerable and Key Worker Children
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Sunday 14 Feb 2021
  Scotby CofE Primary School Carlisle CA4 8AT
The School is open for Key Workers and Vulnerable children only.
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Seascale Primary School Seascale CA20 1LZ
We are closing due to the COVID 19 virus.
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Sunday 31 Jan 2021
  Shankhill CofE Primary School Carlisle CA6 6JA
Shankhill is open for children of Critical Workers and our vulnerable children.
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Skelton School Penrith CA11 9SE
Unsafe driving conditions in and around school.
08:00 on Friday 15 Jan 2021 09:00 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  St Bede's Catholic Primary School Carlisle CA2 7DS 08:00 on Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 08:00 on Monday 22 Feb 2021
  St Bega's CofE Primary School Holmrook CA19 1TW
School open for children of critical workers and vulnerable children only. Date of full reopening will depend on government instructions.
09:00 on Wednesday 13 Jan 2021 09:00 on Wednesday 24 Feb 2021
  St Bridget's CofE School - Whitehaven Whitehaven CA28 6NY
Open to Key workers
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  St Columba's Catholic Primary School Barrow-In-Furness LA14 3AD
Closed due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. Only open for EHCP, Vulnerable & Critical Workers.
15:20 on Monday 4 Jan 2021 08:40 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  St Cuthbert's Catholic Community School Carlisle CA1 2UE Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  St Matthew's CofE School Wigton CA7 3NT
The school will be open for children of critical workers or who are classed as vulnerable only.
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  St Patrick's CofE School Kendal LA8 0HH
School closed due to current national lockdown. Parents are asked to check their email for further updates.
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Temple Sowerby CofE Primary School Penrith CA10 1RZ
Open for children of critical workers and vulnerable children only.
Monday 4 Jan 2021 08:40 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Threlkeld CofE Primary School Keswick CA12 4RX
Due to Covid 19 we will only be open to vulnerable and key worker children
08:45 on Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 08:45 on Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Thursby Primary School Carlisle CA5 6PN
Closed except to vulnerable children and keyworker children under health and safety
Thursday 7 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Victoria Infant and Nursery School - Workington Workington CA14 3XB 12:00 on Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Victoria Junior School - Workington Workington CA14 2RE
School only open to Key workers and vulnerable pupils from Wednesday 6th jan
Monday 4 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Walton and Lees Hill CofE Primary School Brampton CA8 2BB
Due to National Lockdown
Wednesday 13 Jan 2021 Tuesday 19 Jan 2021
  Warcop CofE Primary School Appleby-In-Westmorland CA16 6NX
School will remain open for keyworker and vulnerable children
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 09:00 on Monday 22 Feb 2021
  Warwick Bridge Primary School Carlisle CA4 8RE
School is open for the children of Key Workers and pupils who are vulnerable
Tuesday 5 Jan 2021 Monday 18 Jan 2021
  Yanwath Primary School Penrith CA10 2LA
The school is closed for the national lockdown and only open as a HUB for Keyworkers and Vulnerable pupils. Nursery is fully open as normal
Friday 8 Jan 2021 Monday 22 Feb 2021

Term times for school year 2020/2021
TermStart of termHalf termEnd of term
AutumnWednesday 02 September 2020Monday 26 October to Friday 30 October Friday 18 December
SpringTuesday 05 January 2021Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February Thursday 01 April
SummerMonday 19 April Monday 31 May to Friday 04 June Friday 16 July 2021