Voluntary Transport - volunteer co-ordinators, car drivers and minibus drivers

Can you spare a little time?

We are looking for volunteer co-ordinators, car drivers and minibus drivers.

Looking to help your community and have a little spare time? There is no minimum time commitment and we are recruiting now!

We provide a voluntary based transport services for all members of the community (Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult). Our network of dedicated volunteers provide a door to door service across the county. The service can be used for a wide variety of purposes and is intended for those people who have no other means of transport.

To run these schemes we rely on the support of volunteers!

We have a variety of roles available for those willing to help:

Co-ordinators - organise transport, recruit drivers and publicise the scheme in their local area.  We are currently looking to recruit volunteer co-ordinators (all expenses are re-imbursed). 

Drivers  - provide transport for people using your own car, and you will be paid fuel expenses at 45p per mile. You will also collect the cash fare and give a receipt to the passenger. Cumbria County Council provides insurance against loss of no claims bonus and excess payments.

Minibus Drivers - If you have a full UK driving licence with D1 entitlement and enjoy driving and meeting people, then driving community minibuses is a great way to get out and about in your spare time. Basic training is provided and Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) is also available. All volunteer expenses are reimbursed. 

Further information about Co-ordinators and Drivers

Further information about Minibus Drivers

Community Transport is a long standing service that is a vital lifeline, not just for our individual customers, but also for many charities and organisations. 

The benefits to the customers are huge, people who couldn't get out and about, missing friends and family, or not even being able to get to appointments can easily explain what it means to them.  But what does it mean to the volunteer?

  • "I meet a lot of people I wouldn't have in my working career, plus I have made friends and only drive when and if I want to. I send my expenses to my Co-ordinator every month end and am reimbursed.  Wish I had done it sooner !!!".  Lynn, Ulverston Voluntary Social Car Scheme Co-ordinator and Driver
  • "I enjoy volunteering because it makes me feel part of the community and I make new friends.  I drive the minibus between Windermere and Kendal on Wednesdays".  Christine, Lakes and Lyth Community Minibus Driver
  • "I enjoy volunteering because I like helping older people keep their independence, as one day I may need that help too".  Ursula, Ambleside/Windermere Voluntary Social Car Scheme Co-ordinator and Driver
  • "I enjoy volunteering because I meet some lovely people, all of whom are appreciative of my help, and acquaintances have now become friends".  Julie, Ulverston Social Car Scheme Driver
  • "I enjoy volunteering because it helps mostly old people who need to get to Doctors etc to get there with least possible fuss.  As most of them don't live on bus routes and don't have family and friends living close as our time is given voluntarily we don't mind waiting on them".  Shirley, Brampton Voluntary Social Car Scheme Co-ordinator/Driver
  • "I enjoy volunteering because it gives me contacts and interests I would never find elsewhere".  Chloe, Shap Voluntary Social Car Scheme Driver

So there it is, bringing people together doesn't just make a journey, it builds long lasting local friendships, of which both parties benefit from.

We as a Council give our sincerest, and on behalf of all the customers, to our team of over 300 volunteers who have made thousands of journeys getting people out and about, we couldn't provide a service without their valued efforts.

Interested in joining? We still have customers that miss out when there is no volunteers available. There's always space for more. We would love to hear from you. All expenses are reimbursed.

For further information, or to express your interest, please contact us at:

Voluntary Transport Officer
Parkhouse Building
Kingmoor Business Park

Telephone: 07788 396194