Active Travel - events

The Big Pedal 2020

22 April to 5 May 2020

Schools across Cumbria are encouraged to sign up to take part in The Big Pedal each year. The Big Pedal is the largest event of its kind promoting active travel to school and is a nationwide competition run by Sustrans, supported by Cumbria County Council's Active Travel team. The competition inspires children, staff and parents to choose healthier ways of getting to school rather by car. 

During the Big Pedal 2019, 44 schools in Cumbria logged 25,817 active journeys to and from school in a week.

Walk to School Week 2020

National Walk to School Week takes place between 19 and 22 May.  All infant, primary and junior schools across Cumbria are invited to apply for funded classroom resource packs from Cumbria County Council to help promote the event.  

 Judith Aris, Active Travel Officer at Cumbria County Council, said:

 "The 'Big Pedal' and 'Walk to School Week' events are not only good for the environment, but travelling actively to school results in healthier and fitter children. We hope they will carry this habit in to their teens and adulthood. Schools can continue the great "push" for sustainable travel by taking part in the all year round reward scheme Feet First."

Infant and Junior schools wishing to apply should contact us

Feet First 2017/18

Design a Banner or Roadside Sign Competition

As part of the Feet First campaign, children from all of the participating schools were invited to enter a competition to design a banner or roadside sign for the scheme.  The competition was judged separately for infant and junior schools, with one winner for both.  The entries were judged by Geoff Hill, Transport Programmes Manager, Judith Aris and Nancy Sloan, Active Travel Officers at Cumbria County Council.  They were impressed with the imagination, creativity and originality of the designs.  

The junior school winner was Heron Hill Primary School in Kendal : Junior school winners design (PDF 304kb)

Their prize was a visit from Histrionics Theatre Group who did an inter-active performance to the whole school on 21 May 2018. Photos of the Heron Hill school event (PDF 847kb)

The Infant winner was Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School in Carlisle - Infant school winners design (PDF 270kb) 

Their prize was a visit from Histrionics Theatre Group who did an inter-active performance to the whole school on 21st May 2018. Photos of the Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School event (PDF 334kb)

Feet First Get Active Days

To make Feet First fun, each year Active Travel runs 3 'Get Active' Days - 1 each term.  These days are optional for Schools who have joined Feet First.  Schools are supplied with a fact sheet, puzzles to do with the event and small goodies to hand out to pupils who take part.

Get Active Day 2 Make and/or Wear a Funny Hat - February 2018

Here are some of the comments from schools:-

We had our active travel day today which was a huge success. We had 77 children out of a possible 88 who took part, with some parents too. Thanks - Ange, Shap CofE Primary

Parents and pupils took it on-board and we had loads of really creative and quirky hats.  The weather was great today too, so it is to be hoped they all took on the walk/cycle/scoot message too!  This winter has been grim, with lots of very wet mornings.  It is hard to promote the leave the car at home every day message when you are getting soaked every day - although I personally don't let rain stop me cycling. - Alison, Heron Hill CofE Primary

Grange CE School children had a great time on walk to school day, walking, skipping, scooting in with fabulous and unusual head wear! Anything that gets us all walking to school is great. - Phillipa, Grange

Get Active Day - Walk, Cycle of Scoot with Teddy - May 2018

Schools who decide to take part in the event will be supplied with a fact sheet, puzzles to do with the event and small goodies to hand out to pupils who take part.

Get Active Day 2 Welly Walking Wednesday 30 January 2019

It was a very cold day, some parts of Cumbria had snow and others had ice but this did not stop children taking part in the Welly Walk.

The following Schools took part:

  • Burton Moorwood, Crosby Ravensworth
  • Derwent Vale, Workington
  • Flookburgh
  • Frizington
  • Grasslots Infants, Maryport
  • Greengate Junior, Barrow
  • Heron Hill, Kendal
  • Kells Infants, Whitehaven
  • Lazonby
  • Victoria Infants, Workington

Burton Moorwood CofE Primary School Burton

Naomi Hermida said "Our welly walking was fab - the children loved it and their prizes! We divided the prizes up into eight and gave one per class. We gave the girl with the unicorn wellies a certificate, a water bottle, a pencil, and a key ring (we bought to throw into the mix). Thank you"

Pictures of Burton Moorwood school designs (PDF 259KB)

Heron Hill Primary School, Kendal

Alison Lehane said "Thank you for the bags of goodies you sent us, MUCH appreciated! I've used some of them today to reward the children who decorated their wellies and also the class with the most welly-wearers (18 of 27)! I am saving the bigger prizes you sent for the welly colouring templates. We will be judging them on Friday. It was great how many took part - we had 200 pupils and staff in wellies! Though the snow may have closed some schools, it made our pupils more likely to wear wellies!"

Pictures of Heron Hill school designs (PDF 299KB)

Grasslot Infants School, Maryport

Zine Brew said "Staff and children (age 2-7) enjoyed walking to and from school in their wellies on Welly Walking Wednesday. We also wore wellies to play outside during the school day.

Pictures of pupils in their Wellies (PDF 124KB)

Frizington Community School

Lisa Borrowdale said "Nancy thank you for the parcel full of goodies. We had the most amazing welly walk. It was a freezing cold frosty morning with clear blue skies, the children and parents had a fabulous time sliding on icy puddles and cracking them! The little hedgehog toy could not have been a better gift for my class. We have been trying to encourage hedgehogs to come to our forest school for the last few weeks. We now have adopted him as our class mascot and he will come to forest school with us each week. After a class ballot to decide his name, he is now christened 'Spike'"

Pictures of the walk - and Spike (PDF 206KB)