Active travel - cycling and scooting


Active Travel promotes safe cycling.

Find out more what Bikeability can do for your school (PDF 820KB) 

Cycling is a great way to travel, it keeps you fit, is cost-efficient and is kind on the environment. The number of cyclists is rapidly increasing as more and more people are realising the benefits and that it can be a really enjoyable way of getting around.

The Active Travel team helps thousands of young people in Cumbria get started cycling every year. We organise training for over four thousand young people annually. Grant funding is provided by the Department for Transport (DfT) to enable us to deliver "Bikeability".

Active Travel-Playground cycle skills

Playground Cycle Skills - Years 3 and 4

Initial cycling skills can be taught by school staff and volunteers in Year 3 and 4. This basic session enables the children to acquire the skills necessary to progress to Level 1 and 2 with confidence.

The playground session should follow a fun and basic skill format over a 2 hour session - session plans are available from the active travel team


Bikeability Levels 1 and 2 

All of the training organised by Active Travel is to the National Standard - brand name "Bikeability" - which incorporates the most up-to-date and effective training. 

Currently Bikeability in the Eden Area is delivered by Eden Valley Sports Partnership; the remainder of the county is delivered by Cyclewise, an experienced and highly qualified local company.

If your school has not received Bikeability cycle training, please contact the active travel team.

Bikeability Level 3 Advanced cycle training delivered to regular cyclists in Year 7, 8 or 9 at Secondary School.


Subject to the availability of  DfT funding, Level 3 Bikeability advanced 'on-road on-route' training is offered to Secondary schools for year 7/8/9 students. This training is delivered by Cyclewise and Eden Valley Sports Partnership, on a 1:2 instructor/pupils ratio. 

If your school is interested in finding out about the current situation and would like more details, please contact the active travel team 

Cycle parking

Active Travel has provided cycle parking (and recently even for scooters) at over 150 schools throughout Cumbria.

Much of this has been bespoke and all of it has been designed to let young people see that travelling by bike is something to be proud of.

We are not currently funded to provide facilities, so if you are interested in sponsoring bike parking at schools, please contact Nancy Sloan at

Head Start

Active Travel`s promotion of safe cycling encourages cyclists to understand the importance of keeping their bike in good condition, the value of high-visibility materials and the correct use of lights.

Above all we encourage the wearing of helmets. Wearing a helmet has been proven to reduce the impact of injury in accidents.

We run a national award-winning cycle helmet discount purchase scheme, in conjunction with the national charity Cycle-Smart.

Top quality helmets are available to young people in Cumbria at a greatly reduced price. To find out more and how to buy one, download the Head Start Cycle Helmet Order Form (PDF 619KB) 
From time to time Active Travel also runs promotions with local bike shops; check this website for schemes.


Active Travel - Scooting to School

You can  deliver your own scooter training at a time to suit you.  The course is easy to organise and simple to deliver.  It can be delivered by parents, school staff or Governors and you will only require existing resources and playground equipment.

The aim of the programme is to use the scooters as a fun and active way to revise and reinforce basic pedestrian safety messages.  It is progressive and can run from Reception to Year 6.  You are able to target the whole school and reinforce the message year on year.

We are hopeful that the training will have a positive impact by reducing car use and increasing active travel, whilst teaching essential road safety skills.

We have two downloadable training booklets available:

  • Scooter skills single lesson is a one-hour session which rotates children around different workshops ending with a fun games session
  • Scooter skills levels provides three one-hour sessions on scooter control, pavement etiquette and priorities at driveways.

 The skills booklets contain lesson plans and guidance. Certificates are available too.

Contact the active travel team for copies of these booklets  

Download the application form (PDF 303KB) 

Download a Scooter Skills flyer (PDF 1.6MB)