Talkin Fell

Distance 7 kilometres (4.4 miles)

This short walk is ideal for those with a few hours to spare, and serves as a perfect introduction to open access.   The route follows excellent public rights of way, and distinct desire lines once you venture onto the access land.   On a clear day the panorama from the top of Talkin Fell is probably one of the best you'll get for the effort involved in getting there.

The North Pennines is one of England's most stunning landscapes, comprised of open heather moors and peatlands, attractive dales and hay meadows, tumbling upland rivers, wonderful woods, welcoming communities, intriguing imprints of a mining and industrial past, distinctive birds, animals and plants and much, much more. In recognition of its special qualities the area has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The North Pennines is also a UNESCO European and Global Geopark - highlighting its globally important Earth heritage.

Talkin Fell leaflet (PDF, 583KB)