St Bees Head

Distance 10.5 kilometres (6.5 miles)

The leaflet has been designed to complement the continuing work of the 'Colourful Coast Project.' This is an exciting and forward thinking initiative being run along the coast between Whitehaven and St Bees which is supported by the National Trust, Natural England, RSPB and Cumbria County Council. It's an example of how public access and nature conservation can go hand in hand.

St Bees Head is home to a number of hidden gems of nature and history, using the download leaflet below you too can discover them. A variety of walks are highlighted, ranging from 4 to 6.5 miles long between St Bees and Whitehaven which can easily be linked in with public transport.

Please print a copy of the leaflet and step out to enjoy this area along well marked public and permissive rights of way, passing through areas of Open Access land en route. 

St Bees Head Open Access leaflet (PDF 1,097KB)