OS Explorer map sheet OL7 - Windermere, Kendal and Silverdale

Here you will be able to download copies of the open access signboards we were able to install using Natural England's "AMGS" fund.  

Hopefully photographs of the signboards in place will also be available to download, so that you "know before you go" what you are looking out for!  

Explorer map on the Ordnance Survey website

Benson`s Knott

 Title  Date  Size
23/01/2008 364k


 Title  Date  Size
23/01/2008 823k


 Title  Date  Size
23/01/2008 388k
23/01/2008 2989k


 Title  Date  Size
23/01/2008 235k

Helsington Barrows

 Title  Date  Size
23/01/2008 346k
23/01/2008 346k

The Helm

 Title  Date  Size
23/01/2008 559k
23/01/2008 229k
23/01/2008 227k

Hutton Roof

 Title  Date  Size
16/07/2009 1319k
16/07/2009 245k