Fire Risks on Open Access land

In the dry weather, you need to be extra careful on open access land. The peat underneath is a source of fuel, and could set alight It is then really difficult to put out. Afterwards, the land can be left blackened, the wildlife suffers, as the access rights aren't as enjoyable any more.  

Please be careful with your litter, especially cigarette ends and bits of broken glass.  Also, open access rights don't include barbeque rights. If you notice a fire smouldering away, please ring 999 and report it.  

In certain areas the open access rights are automatically closed if the fire risk reaches 'exceptional'.  The Met Office assess the 'fire severity index' on a scale of 1-5.  Level 5 means an automatic closure for most of the sensitive Pennine areas for the duration of the dry weather.    

There is a notice for land managers to download from the quick links menu. The orange notice is to correspond with 'level 4' (high fire risk). We also have this laminated in the office, please contact us if you would like this posted to you instead.  


Fire Plans

A fire plan contains essential information about an estate or farm to assist with wildfire suppression operations. They can be used by both public and private estates. If you would like to fill out a fire plan for your estate then please use the quick links on the right to download both the fire plan form and guidance notes.  Please read the guidance notes before completing the form

On completion a copy of the fire plan will need to be sent to Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service so that it can be used in the event of a wildfire. The plan contains a wealth of key information which assists both land managers and the Rescue Services with wildfire suppression operations, including:

• Estate contact details
• Neighbouring landowner contact details
• Access points
• Water sources 
• Rendezvous points
• Available resources
• Priority areas
• Important Hazards
• Communications capabilities
• Insurance coverage