Dropped kerbs / crossovers

Dropped kerbs and lowered crossings are provided at various locations on the road network for two reasons:-

Pedestrian crossings - To enable all pedestrians to cross the road, the kerbs and footway are lowered to roughly the same level as the surface of the road so that wheelchair users and pedestrians with prams do not experience undue difficulty when crossing roads. In addition to lowering the level of the footway at such crossing points, we also install tactile paving, with small dimples on the surface. This is to inform visually impaired pedestrians of the presence of a pedestrian crossing.

Vehicle crossings - To allow vehicles to drive across the footway or verge to gain access to property off the road. 

If you wish to have a vehicle crossing installed, you should contact the Highways Hotline on 0845 6096609 or email highways@cumbria.gov.uk. Further details on the process involved is provided on the licence applications section of our site.