Safer Roads - A684

Highways works are currently taking place on the A684 between the M6 motorway junction, and the county boundary near Garsdale. The works include a variety of measures including repairing and replacing verge markers, signage, and vegetation clearance.

A684 Map (PDF 190KB)

The A684 was identified as part of the Department for Transport (DfT) research as requiring improvements to make the road safer. This was based on surveys of the road as well as reviewing accident data. North Yorkshire County Council also received funding from the DfT for their section of the A684 as well, so if you head out of the county you will see safety improvements on their section of road as well. Information on works in North Yorkshire
The Council appointed a consultant to carry out the initial outline designs including various options for each road. This included reviewing the existing safety information, and workshops with the project team and colleagues in Highways, to determine any other safety measures that might be needed. Through public information sessions, members of the local community had the opportunity to see the initial plans and make comments and suggestions. With this information, the consultant has then completed detailed designs for the various elements.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a delay to the project as members of the project team were redeployed to help with the Council's response to Covid-19. It also meant that we were unable to carry out further public engagement events and going forward we are having to change how we communicate with the public. To ensure public safety during this time, we are not able to hold events in local village halls. During the works, we will also need to ensure that our workforce can work safely with social distancing which may mean works take a little longer than normal.

Once the county council had produced outline designs for the A684, a series of public engagement events were held to present the proposals to the public. The county council also held meetings with stakeholders including the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, and North Yorkshire County Council.

Due to the continued need to maintain social distancing and ensure public safety, the Council will not be holding any face to face meetings. We want to keep the public as up to date as possible and fully acknowledge that we cannot rely just on 'digital communication'. We will therefore be working closely with the parishes and other partners to ensure information is available within the community as well. Noticeboards will be installed in Sedbergh and Garsdale (locations tbc) and there will be updates in the 'Sedbergh Lookaround' Community Newsletter. We will also send updates out to key stakeholders who can share information with their own networks as well.

The scheme on the A684 will see a number of safety works including replacing and installing new signage such as hazard sign for a bend, and new black and white chevron signs. Verge markers will also be installed to assist drivers, as well as new 'vehicle restraint' barriers in key locations where there is a risk of vehicles leaving the road. Road markings/lining will also be improved, and the surface replaced in key locations.

There will be a new electronic sign at Black Horse Hill to warn approaching drivers of ice and fog on this stretch of road. Additional street lighting will be installed between Sedbergh and the industrial estate. The lighting is 'dark sky compliant' but will ensure the safety of pedestrians particularly to and from the industrial estate, as well as highlighting the junction with the A683. Lincoln's Inn Bridge will have improved signage and road lining to warn approaching drivers of the narrow and humpback-bridge where visibility is reduced.

View some visualisations of how the road will be changed at two locations:

The scheme has been divided into five sections, grouping the works into logical packages for all construction, traffic management and communications on that stretch. These sections start at the M6 and work eastwards towards the county boundary with North Yorkshire. Within each section there are a variety of measures and due to the nature of the works, these will be carried out by different contractors or teams, depending on their speciality. The works have been carefully programmed to avoid a full road closure - instead the work will be done in section using either temporary traffic lights or Stop/Go signs. This allows us to monitor traffic flow better and keep delays to a minimum. A series of maps show the type of work in each section:

Because of the different types of work, we are using different teams and contractors depending on their area of expertise; for example, we will use one gang to do the road lining, but a different gang to put verge markers in. Plus depending on the type of work, things can't be done at the same time otherwise the crews would be working on top of each other.

The council is committed to keeping you informed about the Safer Roads Project and has number of ways of doing this:

  • Public Information - posted on noticeboards in Sedbergh and Garsdale, and published in Sedbergh Lookaround magazine
  • General Enquiries - to answer specific questions and concerns via a dedicated mailbox:
  • Mailing List - to provide direct updates on the A684 Project. If you would like to receive direct updates via the A684 Project mailing list please send your name and email address to: You can stop receiving these updates and have your contact details removed from the mailing list at any time.  To do this please contact the Team by emailing: