Highways Hotline

The Highways Hotline is the key element in the way we organise ourselves to respond to the public and manage and maintain Cumbria's roads. 

In fact, the hotline is the route by which most members of the public contact us about the highways issues that they care about. There are several ways that anyone can report a problem from a faulty street light to a fallen tree - online, by email, or even by fax - but the vast majority of enquiries come through the Highways Hotline on 0300 303 2992.

One simple call to the hotline and a whole system swings into action. The moment your call is logged by a hotline operator, starts homing in on the exact location of the problem, even while the details are still being taken. 

Cumbria County Council categorises problems to deal with them in priority order. 

The most serious problems are designated 'category one'. We aim to send a Highways Response Team to tackle the most serious category one problems within two hours. 

Responding to a 'cat one' can mean anything from removing fallen trees to helping the police at the scene of a crash - the most serious cat one incidents almost always involve dealing with an immediate threat to public safety. 

We aim to tackle less important category one problems, such as potholes more than 100mm, within 24 hours. 

For other less urgent problems reported to the hotline, the details provided by members of the public and recorded by operators to help inspectors and engineers prioritise less urgent maintenance work such as road resurfacing and street light repairs. 

Every year the hotline receives around 50,000 calls. 97.7% of callers rated the way their call was handled by the Highways Hotline either good or excellent. 

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