Emergency Ceremonies

Emergency Ceremonies

Getting Married At Home/In Hospital

Persons of the Jewish religion are able to marry in a private house, hotel or even outside in a garden as long as the marriage is to be conducted according to Jewish religious rites and both parties are of the Jewish faith.  The marriage can take place at any time and does not have to be within the usual hours for marriage which are 8am and 6pm.

A person who is housebound is able to marry in their own home or in a hospital.  A Doctor must be prepared to sign a statement that the person is not able to be moved for a period of 3 months to a place normally registered for marriage.  The statement form can be obtained from your local Register Office and must be signed not more than 14 days before giving notice.  Notice of marriage must be given in the district(s) of residence of both parties.  In the case of the housebound person, the notice will have to be taken at home.  The marriage must take place within 3 months of giving the first notice.

A person who is terminally ill is able to marry in a house or hospital.  In these circumstances a Doctor must sign a letter confirming that he/she is in medical attendance on the person and that the person is terminally ill and not expected to recover.  The letter must also state that the person cannot be moved to a place and can fully understand the importance of the marriage ceremony.  The marriage can take place once the Registrar General has issued the licence for the marriage.  Where necessary this may be on the same day that the arrangements are made although the marriage must take place within one month of giving notice.  Only one notice is given under these circumstances.

In Prison

A marriage can take place in a prison as long as the Prison authorities agree that the marriage can be performed there.  This agreement must be in the form of a statement signed by the Prison Governor not more than 21 days before you give your notices of marriage.  The person in prison must give their notice to the local Superintendent Registrar.  As the Registrar will normally have to visit the prison in order to take the notice, this will attract an additional statutory fee.  The other party to the marriage will also have to give a notice to the Registrar of the district in which they live.  The marriage, which can be civil or religious, must take place within 3 months of giving the first notice.

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