Getting married abroad

You should first check with the authorities of the country in which you are getting married as to what legal preliminaries for your marriage are needed.  Some countries require you to give notice of marriage in this country and to produce a Certificate of No Impediment in order for your marriage to go ahead.  However, this facility exists only in certain circumstances.

Where two British subjects are getting married in a foreign country and both live in England and Wales, notice of marriage must be given by both parties in the district(s) in which they have lived for the 8 days before giving notice. The Certificates of No Impediment can be issued 28 clear days after the date on which the notices were given.

There is no facility for giving notice of marriage where two British subjects are getting married in a British Commonwealth Country.

If a British subject is getting married to a foreign national in a foreign country, notice can be given under the provisions of the Marriage with Foreigners Act.  This facility requires the British subject to give notice of marriage in the district, in England and Wales, in which they lived for three weeks before giving notice.  Only one notice of marriage is given and a Certificate of No Impediment can be issued 28 clear days after the notice.

If you are not sure whether you are able to give notice of marriage, or your circumstances are different from those outlined above then you should contact one of the Registration Offices in Cumbria.

If possible, you should register your marriage with the British authorities in the country in which you get married.  This means that you can then obtain a copy of your marriage certificate in this country if you ever need one in the future.

Alternatively, you can lodge copies of your original marriage certificate so as to be able to obtain further copies in the future.  Please see the General Register Office website for further details.

It is also possible to have a Renewal of Vows ceremony in this country in addition to your marriage abroad - your family and friends don't miss out on all the fun if you do this!

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