COVID-19 Outbreak Control

Current situation updates

Cumbria weekly COVID-19 situation reports

These reports provide an overview of the current COVID-19 situation in Cumbria based on available local and national data. Further detailed information on COVID-19 in Cumbria is available on the Cumbria Observatory website.
 Title  Date  Size
14/01/2021 1216k
7/01/2021 1101k
30/12/2020 905k
23/12/2020 1093k
17/12/2020 1076k
10/12/2020 911k
3/12/2020 842k
26/11/2020 925k
19/11/2020 906k
12/11/2020 807k
5/11/2020 1327k
29/10/2020 1276k
22/10/2020 1278k
15/10/2020 1189k
8/10/2020 1016k
1/10/2020 997k
24/09/2020 958k
17/09/2020 890k
10/09/2020 850k
3/09/2020 1423k
27/08/2020 1336k
20/08/2020 475k
13/08/2020 1364k
6/08/2020 1310k
30/07/2020 1228k
23/07/2020 1300k
16/07/2020 1362k
15/07/2020 727k
6/07/2020 775k
30/06/2020 537k

Health Protection Board minutes

The purpose of the Health Protection Board is to take overall responsibility for the multi-agency management of the emergency and to establish the policy and strategic framework within which lower tier coordinating groups will work.
 Title  Date  Size
17/12/2020 216k
10/12/2020 217k
3/12/2020 223k
26/11/2020 212k
19/11/2020 245k
12/11/2020 217k
5/11/2020 227k
29/10/2020 228k
22/10/2020 218k
8/10/2020 225k
1/10/2020 232k
24/09/2020 237k
17/09/2020 256k
10/09/2020 813k
3/09/2020 251k
27/08/2020 236k
20/08/2020 694k
13/08/2020 717k
6/08/2020 243k
30/07/2020 825k
23/07/2020 704k
16/07/2020 589k
9/07/2020 588k
2/07/2020 614k
30/06/2020 513k
30/06/2020 699k

Outbreak Control Plan

The local Outbreak Control Plan describes Cumbria's approach to managing outbreaks of COVID-19. It sets out how, in co-ordination with the national NHS Test and Trace system, the county will manage the ongoing risk posed by COVID-19 through:

  • public information
  • infection prevention and control
  • case finding
  • testing and contact tracing
  • outbreak management 
  • and, if necessary, implementation of local restrictions.

The plan also explains who will make decisions about local measures, and how they will be made, including the important role of local Health Protection Boards.

It is in 3 parts:

  • Part 1 describes the overall strategy and approach being taken
  • Part 2 sets out the detail of the operating procedures that each bit of the local system will follow
  • Part 3 lists key contact details that may be required by people responding to incidents and outbreaks.

Parts 1 and 2:

The plan reflects a multi-agency response to COVID-19. As such it has been developed through the Cumbria Local Resilience Forum (CLRF) and forms part of the overall Cumbria Emergency Plan (CEP) framework.