Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan Main Modifications

Inspector's Report

July 2017

The Council received the Inspector's Report on the Minerals Waste Local Plan (MWLP) on 29 June 2017. This report outlines the Inspector's findings from the examination of the MWLP and concludes that, subject to the Main Modifications set out in the report, that the MWLP is sound and capable of adoption.

Inspector's Report on the Cumbria Minerals & Waste Local Plan - dated 29 June 2017 (PDF - 1.25mb)

The Inspector's recommendations will be presented to the County Council's Cabinet meeting on the 27 July 2017 and then the Full Council meeting of 6 September 2017.


Main Modifications Consultation

May 2017

The consultation on the proposed Main Modifications closed on Friday 5 May. In total, 14 representations were received and these can be viewed below:   

MC001 - Oxfordshire County Council

MC002 - Solway Firth AONB

MC003 - Network Rail

MC004 - Historic England

MC005 - Appleby Town Council

MC006 - Cumbria GeoConservation

MC007 - Nuclear Legacy Advisory Forum

MC008 - Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

MC009 - Coal Authority

MC010 - Copeland Borough Council

MC011 - BNP Paribas for Centrica

MC012 - Mineral Products Association

MC013 - National Grid

MC014 - Friends of the Earth

The Inspector has considered all representations and is in the process of completing her Report to the County Council. To aid the inspector in this task, she asked the County Council to consider the further changes to the Main Modifications that were requested by Copeland Borough Council. The County Council's response is set out below; this has been shared with Copeland Borough Council. 

170511 Cumbria County Councils conclusions on Copeland's requested further changes.

Once the Inspectors Report has been received, the next step will be to amend and adopt the Local Plan.     

March 2017

Through the Examination process of the draft Local Plan a number of policies and associated text within the Plan have been identified where a change or 'Main Modification' is required. A Table of Main Modifications  together with an update to the Sustainability Appraisal  are published for public consultation between 27 March 2017 and 5 May 2017. Comments must be received by no later than 5pm on the 5 May 2017 in order to be considered by the Inspector.

Also published is a Table of Minor Modifications to the draft Local Plan which include changes to the Policies Map resulting from the Main Modifications. Minor modifications are not part of the formal consultation and will not be put before the Inspector. 

Policies Map Key   

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Feb 2017 [pdf - 3.4mb]

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Insert 1A - Allerdale North Feb 2017  [pdf - 2.1mb]

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Insert 1B - Allerdale South Feb 2017 [pdf - 3.1mb]

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Insert 1C - Copeland North Feb 2017 [pdf - 2.1mb]

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Insert 1D - Furness Peninsula Feb 2017 [pdf - 2.5mb]

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Insert 1E - South Lakeland East Feb 2017 [pdf - 4.0mb]

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Insert 1F - Eden Feb 2017 [pdf - 4.0mb]

Policies Map - Part 1: Site Allocations Insert 1G - Carlisle Feb 2017 [pdf - 4.3mb]

Policies Map - Part 2: Minerals Safeguarding Areas [pdf - 5.6mb]

Policies Map - Part 3: Minerals Consultation Area [pdf - 2.7mb]

Policies Map - Part 4: Environmental Designations (Historic Environment, Landscape and Nature Conservation) [pdf - 5.3mb]

Policies Map - Part 5: Flood Risk Zones Feb 2017 [pdf - 2.5mb]

Policies Map - Part 6: Technical Safeguarding Areas Feb 2017 [pdf - 4.5mb]


In addition the addendum to the Statement of Community Involvement, Site Assessments and the Habitats Regulations Assessment is published for comment. Comments received on these documents will be considered by the Council but will not be forwarded to the Inspector.  


  • Comments can only be made to the Inspector on the Table of Main Modifications and the Sustainability Appraisal update.

  • This is not the opportunity to make comments on other aspects of the Local Plan

  • Comments on the Table of Minor Modifications, the statement of Community Involvement, the Site Assessments and the Habitats Regulations Assessment will only be considered by the County Council.  


Comments on the Main modifications must be sent to the Council and all responses will be forwarded to the Inspector. The Inspector will then consider all of the representations about the Main Modifications before finalising her report.

Typically issues arising from the consultation on the Main Modifications should be capable of being considered through the written representations procedure. However, exceptionally, the Inspector may decide that it is necessary to hold a further hearing session to clarify and resolve any substantive outstanding issues relating the Main Modifications. The examination website will be updated as appropriate and all those making representations will be informed of the next steps by the Programme Officer.        

Representations should be made by:

                  Post - MWLP, County Offices, Busher Walk, Kendal LA9 4RQ or

                  Email -,uk 

Representations must be received no later than 5pm, Friday 5 May 2017

A copy of the Table of Main Modifications , Table of Minor Modifications, Sustainability Appraisal update, Statement of Community Involvement, Site Assessments and Habitats Regulations Assessments are available to inspect by calling into reception at:

                  Cumbria County Council, County Offices, Busher Walk, Kendal, LA9 4RQ    

If you require further information or copies of any documents you can contact us on 01539 713548 or