Draft Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan - Spring 2015 Consultation

Cumbria County Council is held a 9-week consultation on the preferred options for its draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan, starting Tuesday 10 March and closing on Monday 11 May.  The consultation is now CLOSED.

The Local Plan covers the 15-year period from 2014 to 2029. It sets out the Council's policies for the provision for mineral working, for safeguarding mineral resources and associated mineral developments, and for waste management. It covers those parts of Cumbria that are outside of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

The Local Plan is a single document structured in three sections - strategic policies, development control policies and site allocations together with a Policies Map.

The Policies Map has had to be produced in five parts because of the range of information that it is required to include. There are also seven insert maps that have been produced at a larger scale in order to make it easier to see details.

The Local Plan's supporting documents are: the Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment, Site Assessments Report, Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and the Statement of the Representations Procedure.

The issues that were considered during the preparation of the Local Plan, and the main reasons for the choices made in developing the proposed policies, are set out in the Options Report.  The way that the Council responded to consultation responses from the February 2013 consultation are set out in the Table of Modifications, which is separated into Strategic, Development Control and Site Allocations Policies.  The Minerals and Waste Sites Infrastructure Deliverability study sets out the assessment of infrastructure requirements for each site allocation.

All of these documents are available to be viewed/downloaded below:

Copies of documents can be provided on CD or paper on request from:

Minerals and Waste Planning Policy
Cumbria County Council
County Offices
Busher Walk
01539 713409

What happens next?

All comments received on the draft Local Plan will be considered and the Council will revise the Local Plan as necessary. It is currently anticipated that a 'publication version' of the Local Plan will be consulted upon and submitted to the Planning Inspectorate towards the end of 2015.