Infrastructure Planning - Strategic Plans

Cumbria County Council recognises the importance of delivering economic growth. In keeping with this we work closely with Cumbria LEP in the development of strategy and policy documents including the LEP's Strategic Economic Plan, Cumbria Infrastructure Plan and Cumbria's Strategic Investment Plan.

These documents set out the priorities for investment and resources to maximise economic growth in Cumbria.  Cumbria LEP Website.

Cumbria Transport Infrastructure Plan

Cumbria County Council and the Cumbria LEP are developing the Cumbria Transport Infrastructure Plan (CTIP). This will set the policy framework for the role of transport and connectivity in supporting sustainable and inclusive growth in Cumbria for the period 2022-2037. 

We want you to have your say on the Plan which sets a vision for improving transport and infrastructure in Cumbria, to respond to the needs of residents, businesses and visitors as well as respecting our special environment. 

This Plan is also about how transport infrastructure in Cumbria can support recovery from the pandemic and seeks to respond to the challenges of climate change. These two key challenges are creating a seismic shift in the way we live and work that will have significant implications for years to come.

Draft Cumbria Transport Infrastructure Plan (PDF 10.3MB)

Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment (PDF 869KB)

From 13 September until the 25 October 2021, the County Council are consulting on the draft CTIP and accompanying Strategic Environmental Assessment.  

Cumbria Transport Infrastructure Plan - Public Consultation

The County Council also works closely with funding partners in the development of their strategic objectives and vision, proactively promoting the strategic priorities for Cumbria and making the case for future investment in Cumbria. This includes working alongside Transport for the North, Highways England, Network Rail and Rail North.

Transport for the North

Highways England

Network Rail

Rail North

Cumbria County Council, as Lead Local Flood Authority has worked with the Cumbrian Coast Protection Authorities and the Environment Agency to deliver a Cumbria Coastal Strategy. A detailed coastal strategy to assess coastal flood and erosion risk will allow infrastructure providers and the coastal protection authorities to plan long-term future investment and development.

Cumbria Coastal Strategy