Pre-Planning Application advice in respect of Highways, Drainage and Developer Contribution Matters

The Flood and Development Management Team responds to consultations on planning applications on behalf of the County Council in its capacity as:

  • Local Highway Authority
  • Lead Local Flood Authority
  • Local Education Authority

The County Council welcomes and encourages discussions before a developer submits a planning application to the relevant District/Borough Council or National Park in respect of any proposals for 5 or more residential dwellings or commercial/industrial development. 

Pre-planning application discussions can result in an improved application that is more likely to be approved. Developers have found the pre-application process can reduce overall costs by cutting down on further work and speeding-up the decision making process once an planning application has been submitted.

The advice can cover views and guidance on:

  • Suitability of highway access, layout and/or parking arrangements
  • Whether a drainage strategy or design is likely to be acceptable
  • The level of detail needed in documentation required to be submitted in support of a planning application - such as whether a Transport Note, Transport Statement, Transport Assessment and/or Travel Plan is required and the scope of its content
  • Whether a contribution towards highways, drainage or education infrastructure is likely to be required
  • Relevant standards and policies that should be applied

All requests for pre-application advice must be accompanied by a completed copy of the application form below (and the supporting documentation specified in the form):

The completed form and associated supporting documents should be sent to

The charges for this service currently stand at:

£540 (inclusive of VAT) for major developments (which are defined as proposals for residential development of 21 or more residential dwellings and all forms of commercial/industrial development).

£268 (inclusive of VAT) for minor developments (which are defined as proposals for residential development of 5 to 20 dwellings).  

Please note that charges are reviewed annually and any alterations to their basis or increases are applied from the 1 April.

Once a fully supported request for advice has been received, the Council will arrange for an invoice to be issued.

Appendix 2 of the Cumbria Development Design Guide (PDF 279KB) sets out details of the standards of service and further information in respect of the pre-planning application advice process.