Commenting on a Planning Application

Comments or Objections must be made in writing and can be sent to us via email, post or via an online form accessible from within the online planning application register.

Comments should relate only to "planning matters". Legislation and Government guidance describe these matters as the "Local Plan" and other "material considerations" i.e. the content of local planning policy relating to the area and the impact of the proposal on the surrounding environment and infrastructure.  Applications must therefore be determined in accordance with the Local Plan, unless other matters indicate that this would, in the case concerned, be inappropriate.

Examples of planning matters which can be taken into consideration include:

> Compliance with the Local Plan (i.e. Local Planning Policy)

> Design out of keeping with the character of the area.

> Dominant and oppressive environment created by the proposal.

> Excessive noise, dust, smell or nuisance.

> Highway safety or traffic impact.

> Impact upon Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas or mature trees.

> Impact upon local wildlife and biodiversity

> Its position in respect of Government Planning Policy.

> Loss of privacy (e.g. intrusiveness from overlooking development)

> Visual or Landscape Impact  


Examples of issues that are not planning matters and therefore can not be taken into account are:


> Commercial harm to other businesses from competition.

> Devaluation of property. 

> Land ownership - i.e. boundary disputes or matters referring to legal covenants.

> Loss of private view. 

> Matters covered by other legislation (e.g. Building Regulations and Environmental Permitting)

> Personal dislike of the applicant.

> Objections based on moral, racial or religious opinion.

> That a lot of people have objected.

> The work was commenced without planning permission.

All the relevant planning matters/issues raised in written representations will be taken into consideration in the determination of the planning application, whether the application is to be determined by delegated powers, or by the County Council's Development Control and Regulation Committee.

For applications to be determined by committee, there is an opportunity for objectors to speak and express their views in person at  the meeting. Details regarding how to do this can be found by viewing the guidance leaflet below. 

If you are unsure of the status of an application or any of the above guidance please contact the Development Control Team.