Applications to register land as Town or Village Green

Section 15 of the Commons Act 2006 changed the legal definition of a town or village green and sets out the qualifying circumstances in which land may be newly registered.  Essentially anyone can apply to have land registered as a green if it has been used by local people for recreation 'as of right' (ie.without permission, force or secrecy) for at least 20 years.

Section 15 also allows a specific period of grace, if recreational use 'as of right' is ended by the landowner, during which an application for registration as a green may be made.

An application will need to show that the land in question has been used: 

  • For a period of at least twenty years 
  • For the purposes of lawful sports and pastimes 
  • 'As of Right' (i.e. without force, secrecy or permission) 
  • By the inhabitants of a locality, or a neighbourhood within a locality

Alternatively, a landowner may voluntarily register land as a new village green, in which case it is not necessary to demonstrate a set period of use.

Please note there is currently no fee to make a Town or Village Green application. 

Application Form - CA9
Guidance - Town and village greens: how to register
Evidence Questionnaire (PDF 2MB)

Further information can be found on Defra's website and the Open Spaces Society

Pending Town and Village Green Applications
Reference Number Description of landGrid ReferenceApplication documentsStatus of application
NL0035Land at Warcop and Sandford


Plans (PDF 835KB)-
NL0049Harrington Marina298745/524870

Notice and plan (199KB)

NL0057Cumrew Village Green354900/550800Plan (PDF 307KB)-
NL0058Kingway and Glavehill, Dalston336942/549943Plan (PDF 283KB)-
NL0060Land adjoining West Road, Wigton352300/548100Plan (PDF 590KB)-
NL0061Land adjoining West Road, Wigton325300/548000

Plan (PDF 1MB)

NL0062Blencarn Park Green, Rockcliffe 335800/561800Notice and plan (PDF 176KB)-


Scaws Drive Field


Notice and plan (PDF 264KB)


The Green Croft Terrace, Penrith


To be confirmed-