Commons Registration - The Registers

The Common Land and Town or Village Green Registers consist of bound volumes detailing extents, rights and ownership in relation to areas of common land and town or village greens, as registered under the Commons Registration Act of 1965.

Each area of common land and town or village green is listed in the Registers under a unique 'unit number'. For example, Caldbeck Common is Register Unit No. CL20 (the prefix defines the land as Common Land). Likewise, Melmerby Village Green is Register Unit No. VG16 (the prefix defines the land as Town or Village Green).

Each unit number in the Registers is divided into three sections: -

Land Section

This includes a description of the land, who applied to register the land, and when the land became finally registered. There are also related plans which show the boundaries of the land.

Rights Section

This includes a description of the rights of common (e.g. a right to graze a certain amount of sheep), the area of common over which the right is exercisable, the name of the holder of the right and whether the right is attached to land in the ownership of the holder of the right (the commoner) or is a right held in gross i.e. unattached to land.

Ownership Section

This includes details of the owner(s) of the common land. Entries in this section however, are not held to be conclusive.