Pre Planning Application Advice on Minerals and Waste Development Proposals

The Development Control Team provides a pre application service for prospective applicants to obtain advice on potential minerals and waste developments through discussion with planning officers before submitting a planning application.  The pre planning application planning advice service is provided without prejudice and is intended to give you advice on the need for planning permission and whether in principle permission is likely to be granted. Dependent upon the size of the scheme, our advice should cover information requirements, constraints; issues and a general assessment of whether the proposal fits with National and Local Planning Policy and relevant material planning considerations.

The charges for this service are:

  • For Major developments the fee is £1,050.60 (+ VAT) -   £1,261
  • For Minor developments the fee is £423.30 (+ VAT) -   £508

For pre-application charging purposes a development is classed as major if it involves a land area of 1 hectare or more or if it involves the construction of a building whose footprint reaches or exceeds 75 square-metres. Any developments below these thresholds are classed as minor.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually with any increases being applied from the 1 April.

Please also note that if you wish to obtain advice specifically on highways and drainage matters then this is subject to an additional charge and further information requirements. Please see the following for details in respect of applying for pre planning application advice from the Local Highway Authority and Lead Local Flood Authority:

The protocol below provides further details about the Development Control Team's mineral and waste pre planning application advice service, including information on the benefits of obtaining pre-application advice and the terms, conditions and level of service provided.

All requests for pre-application advice must be accompanied by a completed copy of the application form below.

The form and associated supporting documents should be emailed to:

Upon receipt of these, an officer will arrange for an invoice to be issued for the requisite fee.