Public health 5-19 - health conditions

These pages are here to offer first line information and guidance to schools for children with medical conditions; they include useful links and example health care plans.

It is so important that we work collaboratively to keep children with medical conditions safe in our schools. 

We also need to ensure that children and young people with medical conditions and special educational needs have equal access to the learning environment and activities that the rest of the school population has. 

Where possible we need to encourage self-management of the condition and promote the self-esteem of the child or young person, as many long term conditions can affect their emotional and mental health and wellbeing,

More specialist support for specific conditions can be accessed through your local area specialist nurse e.g. paediatric diabetic nurse or the child's GP practice.

Better Care Together is 11 health and care organisations across Morecambe Bay implementing new ways to enable the public to lead happier and healthier lives.

To support parents/carers and their families they have produced some self-care films about common childhood illnesses. Click on the links below to watch a short film about the condition.

High temperature

Coughs, colds and breathing

Thread worm

Sore throat


Head lice

Ear ache



If your child needs urgent medical attention call your usual out-of-hours GP services, go to your local emergency department or dial 999.

For more advice on staying well this winter

For further information about Better Care Together

Health Builders Pathways are simple and easy to follow. A pathway is a guide containing advice and support for families and explains what you should do if your child is ill. These pathways provide step by step information on what children, young people and their families should experience when accessing health services. It will help families to make choices about the care of their children.

Visit Advice and Guidance for Children for more information.