Our Performance

Every council has a duty to provide evidence that it is achieving continuous improvement, through a combination of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. To understand what changes to make and where improvements are needed, we have to be good at managing our performance. Good performance management supports the delivery of services and helps the Council to achieve its priorities.

The Council's priorities are set until 2022 and these can be viewed in the Council Plan 2018 to 2022.

Progress against the Council Plan and current performance information can be found in Performance Reports.



Council Plan Delivery Plan 2019/20

The Council Plan Delivery Plan (PDF 1MB) sets out how the Council will contribute towards achieving the outcomes set out in the Council Plan 2018-2022. The Council Plan provides the context for fresh approaches and programmes of work for the Council to take forward over the next 3 years and so this Delivery Plan will be a dynamic document as activities emerge and develop as new opportunities and ways of working are explored, tested and implemented.

The Council will continue to assess its progress over the next 3 years and will refresh this plan each year to reflect this, setting out its aims for the year ahead. Progress will be monitored by the Council's Cabinet quarterly. The Council will also publish an Annual Report to ensure it is keeping everybody in Cumbria up to date.

The Delivery Plan is focused on achieving 3 outcomes:

  • People in Cumbria are healthy and safe
  • Places in Cumbria are well-connected and thriving
  • The economy in Cumbria is growing and benefits everyone

The Delivery Plan also sets out what it aims to do to ensure the organisation is financially sustainable for the future and can continue to support communities across Cumbria and deliver the best services with the resources available.

Other strategies and plans

The Council's performance is fundamental to the outcomes set out in its strategies and plans. You can view some of these documents at the links below: