Your spare room could change a homeless young person's life today. Even if you can only offer your room for one night a year - for someone, that could make all the difference in the world. Become a Nightstop host.

Nightstop is a service providing free, safe, secure emergency temporary accommodation for homeless young people in Cumbria. 

The concept is simple - it is the provision of emergency accommodation for 16 to 25 year old young people in the homes of approved volunteers. Nightstop volunteers are ordinary people who are willing to open the door of their home to help young people in need, or who offer their time to help local services in other ways by being telephone contacts, drivers etc. 

So we are looking to recruit a network of volunteers, with a spare room, across the county.

What will happen if you are a volunteer host?

Volunteer hosts provide a young person with a room of their own that can be used for one night at a time. In addition to providing a safe environment, hosts will offer an evening meal, washing facilities, breakfast, and a chance to talk, or a space in which to reflect.

As a volunteer host you can offer accommodation as often or as little as your circumstances permit.  All out of pocket expenses will be paid by Nightstop.

Volunteer host Mark Nash-Williams said "We were Nightstop hosts over in the North East. It's such a simple but fantastic idea. We have a spare room and there are young vulnerable people out there with nowhere to stay - it makes perfect sense. Also it's important to us that Nightstop doesn't just offer 'sticking plaster' accommodation, but supports the young people in getting their lives back on track."

 "We can't always accommodate people but being a Nightstop host is flexible,  so we help where we can. Even if you can only help one person, once, that could be all they need to get back on their feet."

Volunteer driving

We also need people to become volunteer drivers. This involves picking up young people and taking them to their host for the night.

What's the process of becoming a host?

1. There's plenty of ways for you to get in touch - drop us an email, call us for a chat, pop along to an info evening or complete our enquiry form
2. Fill in and return an application form (see below)
3. We'll complete a DBS check, two references, confirm with your GP that you're fit for the "job" and a home health and safety check (obviously not if you're applying to be a driver!)
4. Time for some training. We're flexible about this, it can either be at our offices or at your house, either one long day, two days or broken up into evening slots.
5. We'll call you when someone needs somewhere to stay!

To find out more or to volunteer please contact Sharon Jackson on or 07958 447 477.

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