Library Services for Schools - Continuing professional development

A great opportunity to network with secondary school library staff across Cumbria and keep up-to-date with all of the latest initiatives

Your subscription to this service includes:

  • the opportunity to attend three half-day CPD meetings per year
  • access to key reports, new research and publications
  • loan of professional resources
  • notes from each of the CPD meetings whether you've been able to attend in person or not to ensure you are kept up-to-date with current practices, trends, new initiatives etc.

CPD meetings:

  • enable you to network with other library professionals to share good practice and to discuss recent issues that may have impacted on your library
  • provide the opportunity to discuss and debate various topics related to libraries, reading, student attainment and information literacy
  • are hosted in different school libraries which gives you the chance to see what others are doing and to showcase your own school library

"The meeting today really helped spark up my enthusiasm again! Thanks for a lovely, positive meeting today."

"Many thanks for the meeting, I always find them really useful and helpful.

"Thanks for your support, I really appreciate having you on the other end of an e-mail."

"Thanks for a great meeting today. I came away feeling very motivated!"

"I find the meetings very useful and all the resources you provide are great."

"I've just read the notes you sent me last week! They were absolutely fantastic! Such inspiring articles and useful posters, thank you so much."

"Many thanks for the notes and resources sheet; the meeting was really informative and enjoyable."