Kita Mitchell author visit

A special treat for some schools in Cumbria

We were delighted to welcome the children's author Kita Mitchell recently, as part of our 2019 Spellbinding Book Awards. Kita is one of the shortlisted authors for her book Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny, and six Cumbrian primary schools were lucky enough to have a visit from her, where she entertained them talking about her book and the others she has written in the Grandma Dangerous series. She even gave a sneak preview of her upcoming book, the third in the series, Grandma Dangerous and the Toe of Treachery!

As well as talking about the people and incidents in her life that had inspired her books so far, she also told pupils about her desire to be a writer from a very young age (7 years old!) and how she had never given up hope of one day having a book published. She encouraged the children to never give up on their passions and to follow their dreams as far as they could.

Kita also revealed that one of her favourite authors as a child was Raymond Briggs, author of the Snowman, Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas and many more. She told the story of how she wrote to him over several years about all things to do with books and writing, and that he always wrote back back often accompanying his letters with drawings and doodles, all of which she has kept. When she finally got published forty years after first writing to him he replied "about blooming time!". 

After her talk and some great questions from the children, Kita spent time chatting and signing books and giveaway bookmarks.

A great time was had by all the schools with some great feedback.

"Kita was lovely, she really held the children's attention and was really interested to hear their reading choices. I've had 4 children come to me this morning to say they have read her book over the weekend and it was brilliant, so funny! Luckily I bought some copies of both books for the library so they'll be able to borrow the second one...Thanks again, it was very inspirational" Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Barrow

"just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming to Roose Primary School on Friday... The children gained so much from meeting you and discussing writing. This will be a great memory from their time at Roose and we appreciate you making the long journey". Roose School, Barrow