Cumbria Libraries Music and Drama

Music for Performance:  Vocal Scores: We hold over 200 sets, as well as single copies of many other works, covering a wide range of musical tastes: Orchestral Sets, sets of vocal scores of many popular works and individual copies of Chamber Music. Lists of vocal scores and orchestral sets are available. For other types of items please consult the online catalogue. 

Solo Performance:  We do not stock sheet music. However we do have a reasonable range of song and instrumental albums to suit most performers.

Music for Study:  We have a large collection of miniature scores and performance scores.

Books about Music: An extensive range of critical, historical and biographical works can be found in the music section of the library.

Drama for Performance:  We have one of the best collections of play sets in the North of England, ranging from one-act plays for children to full-length drama for adults, to pantomimes and monologues.

Drams for Study:  Our collection of single copies of plays for study, and of historical and critical works, is extensive, and can be found in the drama section of the library. Your individual group will need to elect a secretary who will be responsible for organising the loans using a group library card which will be issued on your first loan.

But it doesn't end here! :  If we do not have the particular item of music or drama that you are looking for, we have links with many other libraries and can usually borrow items or sets for you.

What does it cost?:
Group loans of vocal scores and playsets for up to six months from within Cumbria - £2 per copy
The loan of an orchestral set - £25.40
Group loans of vocal scores and playsets for up to six months from outside Cumbria - £2.60 per copy
The loan of an orchestral set - £49.30
There is a replacement charge for lost items.

Contact Details:  Pat Edwards, Carlisle Library, 11 Globe Lane, Carlisle CA3 8NX. Tel. 01228 227316

Pat Edwards
Carlisle library
11 Globe Lane
01228 227316
01228 607333