Cumbria Libraries Newspaper Collections

Newspapers have been published in Cumbria since 1731, although the first significant local newspaper is the Cumberland Pacquet which did not appear until 1774. Cumbria's newspaper coverage is available on microfilm because of the fragility of the originals. 

The principal newspapers held by Cumbria libraries and archive centres are:

Adairs Maryport Advertiser 1853 - 1905 held at Maryport Library 
Alston Herald and East Cumberland Advertiser 1874 - 1881 held at Alston Library 
Ambleside Herald 1880 - 1887 held at Kendal Library 
Barrow Guardian 1910 - 1947 held at Barrow Archive Centre
Barrow Herald 1864 - 1914 held at Barrow Archive Centre
Barrow News 1883 - 1986 held at Barrow Archive Centre
Carlisle Express and Examiner 1857 - 1913 held at Carlisle Library 
Carlisle Journal 1801 - 1968 held at Carlisle Library 
Carlisle Journal 1802-1805; 1810-1811; 1818-1820; 1822-1824 held at Carlisle Archive Centre
Carlisle Patriot 1815 - 1910 Carlisle Library and Carlisle Archive Centre
Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 1860 61, 1869, 1873 to date held at Penrith Library 
Cumberland News 1910 to date held at Carlisle Library 
Cumberland Pacquet 1774 - 1915 held at Carlisle, Whitehaven, Workington, Penrith, and Kendal Libraries and Whitehaven Archive Centre.
East Cumberland News 1883-1907 held in Carlisle Library
English Lakes Visitor 1877 - 1910 held at Carlisle Library 
Evening News 1910 to date held at Carlisle Library 
Evening Star 1929 - 1967 held at Workington Library 
Grange Visitor 1875 - 1891 held at Kendal Library 
Kendal and County News 1888 - 1899 held at Kendal Library 
Kendal Herald 1864 - 1866 held at Kendal Library 
Kendal Mercury 1834 - 1917 held at Kendal Library 
Kendal Weekly Courant 1731-32 held at Kendal Library 
Keswick Reminder 1915 to date held at Keswick Library 
Lakes Herald 1880 - 1916 held at Kendal Library 
Lancaster Gazette 1801 - 1850 held at Kendal Library and Barrow Archive Centre
Millom Gazette 1892 - 1933 held at Barrow and Whitehaven Archive Centres
Newcastle Courant 1711 - 1800 held at Carlisle Library, Kendal Library, Whitehaven Archive Centre
North Western Daily Mail 1898 - 1940 held at Barrow Archive Centre
North West Evening Mail 1941 to date held at Barrow Archive Centre
Northern Counties Gazette 2 December 1876 - 4 September 1886 held at Carlisle Archive Centre
Penrith Observer 1860 - 1968 held at Penrith Library 
Penrith Observer January 1861 - December 1906 held at Carlisle Archive Centre
Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser 1848 - 1914 held at Barrow Archive Centre
Ulverston Mirror and Furness Reflector 1860 - 1885 held at Barrow Archive Centre 
West Cumberland Times 1874 - 1966 held at Workington Library 
West Cumberland Times and Star 1967 to date held at Workington Library 
Westmorland Advertiser and Kendal Chronicle 1811 - 1834 held at Kendal Library 
Westmorland Gazette 1818 to date held at Kendal Library 
Whitehaven News 1856 to date held at Whitehaven Archive Centre
Whitehaven Guardian 4 February 1875 - 28 March 1878 held at Carlisle Archive Centre
Whitehaven Gazette April 1819 - December 1820 held at Carlisle Archive Centre
Wigton Advertiser 1857 - 1940 held at Carlisle and Wigton Libraries
Workington Star 1904 - 1967 held at Workington Library 

All the above titles are held on 35 mm microfilm   

Cumbria Libraries have subscribed to Gale newspaper archives to offer Library members free searching of over 300 years of newspapers and news pamphlets. Search the sites here

17th and 18th Century Burney Collection

17th and 18th Century Newspapers

The newspapers and news pamphlets gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney (1757-1817) represent the largest single collection of 17th and 18th century English news media. The 700 or so bound volumes of newspapers and news pamphlets were published mostly in London, however there are also some English provincial, Irish and Scottish papers, and a few examples from the American colonies, Europe and India.

19th Century British Newspapers

British Library Newspapers
19th Century British Newspapers contains full runs of influential national and regional newspapers, representing different political and cultural segments of 19th Century British society.