Community Learning and Skills Subcontracting Policy

Community Learning and Skills has developed a range of partnerships with subcontracted providers to help us to achieve our mission to strengthen and sustain the people and communities of Cumbria through the power of learning:

Some of our subcontracted providers are schools that have become independent academy trusts in recent years.  These schools delivered adult learning programmes for many years whilst they were part of the council, so it is only the nature of their relationship with the council that changed at the point of becoming an academy, moving from being an integral part of the council's own direct delivery to that of being a subcontracted provider.  

Cumbria is the second largest county in England with an area of approximately 2,500 square miles.  This presents considerable challenges for delivery of a county-wide service and many of our local community-based subcontractors enable us to meet this challenge, especially in relation to our areas of highest disadvantage in geographically isolated communities on the south and west coast. 

A number of our subcontractors are niche providers working with specific targeted groups of disadvantaged adults, such as adults who are unemployed or those who are disabled or are recovering from mental ill health.

One of our subcontractors is an FE college where access to our more flexible Community Learning funding enables the college to widen participation to disadvantaged adults in the community and so aid progression to college courses.

Supply Chain Fees Policy 2018/19 (PDF 141KB)

Subcontracted Provision 2017/18 (PDF 270KB)

Subcontracted Provision 2016/17 (PDF 248KB)