Extra Care Housing and Supported Living - Grants Programme - Grant Requirement

The opportunity for utilising a grant funding approach has been identified in those circumstances where the following criteria apply: 

  • The Council is not engaged in an ongoing procurement process for Extra Care /Supported living accommodation, in the immediate geographical area. 

  • The site identified for development in the grant bid is in the ownership of the applicant organisation or the applicant organisation has an agreed option to buy.

  • The proposed development is in an area of identified need, in accordance with demographic data published on the Council's website. Extra Care Housing - Areas of need

  • The requested grant is required to ensure that the proposed development offers increased choice of social housing tenure (low cost rental accommodation and low cost home ownership accommodation.)

  • The strategic housing authority has been consulted on the proposed development.

  • Access to any rented accommodation will be made in consultation with the Council (ref. Grant Funding Agreement.)

  • In Extra Care housing the provider aims to deliver a scheme for tenants of mixed care and support needs to the ratio of a third (needs (0-7 hours per week), a third (8 -14 hours per week) and a third (15 hours plus).

  • In Supported Living accommodation the provider aims to deliver accommodation with an environmental specification appropriate for tenants with identified care and support needs.

  • The proposed scheme will deliver a demonstrable benefit to the wider community.

  • The proposed scheme scores the minimum required score on the Council's Extra Care Site Suitability Analysis Tool as set out within the guidance noted within the tool itself.

All applications received which meet the above criteria will then be assessed by the Council to ascertain the level of any grant award which may be made.  

In assessing any scheme proposed the following criteria will be considered:

  • Total Scheme Costs.

  • Other funding secured.

  • Funding required from the Council as a percentage of the Total Scheme Costs limited to a maximum contribution determined on a case by case basis. 

  • Total costs per unit (i.e. flat/apartment).

  • Cumbria County Council funding per unit (i.e. flat/apartment).

  • The proposed weekly rental costs of social housing(i.e. low cost rental accommodation as defined in section 69 Homes and Regeneration Act 2008)   and approach to annual increases.

  • Any such other considerations that the Council may consider appropriate in the circumstances of the specific proposal under consideration. The Council reserves the right to review an organisation's ability to deliver the scheme being proposed, including requesting and reviewing a financial check on a proposing organisation, before grant funding is released.

Applications for grant funding will be considered from any organisation or partnership of organisations which is engaged in the development of an Extra Care Housing/Supported Living scheme for older people and or younger people with a disability which will meet the criteria set out above.