Extra Care Housing and Supported Living - Grants Programme - Processes and Timescales

Application 'windows' will be opened periodically during the lifetime of the grant programme and applications for grant funding can be submitted at any time during these windows. All applications should be submitted on the Grant Fund Application Form (Excel 47kb).  
All applications will be reviewed by the Extra Care Housing Board and submitted for final approval by the Corporate Director Health, Care and Community Services.

This grant programme will initially be open for applications for up to 8 years from September 2017 to March 2025. Any variation to, or extension to this period will be published via the Council's website, giving no less than 28 days notice of any such change.

Application window notification

Funding for this Grants Programme comes from the Council's capital programme budget.  An initial £4.24 million has been allocated to Extra Care Housing/Supported Living of which £2 million has initially been allocated to the grant programme. The Council is not obliged to allocate any of the funding in its capital programme to Extra Care Housing/Supported Living development or award any grant funding during the period of this programme if no suitable proposals are forthcoming 

All awards of grant funding shall, without exception, be made in strict adherence with the Council's Grant Agreement template (PDF 814KB) and the schedules to the Grant Agreement.  Applicants confirm, by submitting an application, that they have fully considered, understand and accept the terms and conditions.  Applicants further confirm, by submitting an application, that they shall not seek amendments (other than minor and/or typographical) post submission.  Applicants are strongly advised to consider the terms and conditions closely and raise any queries prior to submission.  The Council reserves the right to dismiss qualified applications at any time.