Extra Care Housing and Supported Living - Grants Programme - Guidance for Applicants

One of the key principles of Extra Care Housing/Supported Living is that it needs to be situated in the community, close to local amenities and facilities to ensure that people within the scheme are able to stay independent, involved members of that community for as long as possible.
One of the tools used to assess the suitability of a site is the Site Suitability Analysis Tool  (Excel 46kb) developed by Hampshire County Council and adapted by Cumbria County Council. This tool looks at a locations position relative to a number of key local facilities which are considered to be important to older people when looking to move to an area. The model then scores the distance of the site to each of the criteria. All distances are 'as travelled' using available road and path access, rather than 'as the crow flies'. To help ensure that there is a greater chance these amenities will be accessible from the scheme, the scores are then adjusted to take account of the height difference between the site and the town centre. The final, result is achieved by adjusting the scores to ensure that those criteria considered more important by potential users are given a higher consideration.
The Site Suitability Analysis Tool  will be used to assess your grant application as a way of assessing the appropriateness of a site location against fixed criteria it will allow people making an application for grant funding to assess their sites against the criteria.

The Council will not consider applications for grant funding in areas where it is engaged in an ongoing procurement process for Extra Care Housing/Supported Living.

A grant of money to an organisation will normally be outside the scope for VAT.
Applications should specify costings exclusive of VAT and identify separately any irrecoverable VAT that will incurred by an organisation. Reference should be made to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs for VAT queries.