Extra Care Housing and Supported Living - Grants Programme - The Application Process

  • Download the Grant Fund Application Form (Excel 47kb) and the Site Suitability Tool (Excel 46kb).

  • Complete the Grant Fund Application Form giving details of your organisation, the site in question and brief details of the proposed development (size, tenure mix, predicted costs, current position of planning permission)

  • Complete the Site Suitability Analysis Tool using the guidance within the document.

  • Send both documents to the Extra Care team e-mail: ECH_SLdevelopment@cumbria.gov.uk and any additional information you believe will allow the team to evaluate against the criteria set out above.  

The Extra Care team will review your application against the criteria and will advise whether or not your application will be progressed for approval by the Extra Care Housing Board.

If your application is accepted for progression to the Extra Care Housing Board you will be requested to provide the supporting information.  You should not provide this information unless requested.

  • A map showing the proposed site, including details on the location, size and any known restricted covenants.

  • Information on planning permission if available.

  • Documentation showing the organisations board approval for the project.

  • Information on other sources of funding already secured, or in the process of being secured. 

  • Statement as to ownership of land.

  • Certificate of Title (in form prescribed by the Council) or evidence of option to purchase.

  • Financial model (based on Microsoft Excel format) for scheme development see section 3.2.Business case for scheme development. 

Please note, any Grant Funding Agreement will not be signed and entered into until the Corporate Director Health, Care and Community Services approval has been granted and until ownership of the land has been confirmed. Please ensure you are fully aware of its contents.  A scheme specific grant agreement will be issued by the Council following formal approval.

The Council operates a Code of Conduct for its officers. Full details of these are published as part of the Councils Constitution and standing orders.  Offering an inducement of any kind in relation to obtaining this or any other grant with the Council will disqualify your application from being considered and may constitute a criminal offence.

You will not be entitled to claim from the Council any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing your proposal whether or not your proposal is successful.

Feedback will be available to unsuccessful applicants on request.

The Council is subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Accordingly, all information submitted may need to be disclosed in response to a request for information. If you consider that any of the information included in your application is commercially sensitive, please identify it and explain (in broad terms) what harm may result from disclosure if a request is received, and the time period applicable to that sensitivity. You should be aware that, even where you have indicated that information is commercially sensitive, or submit information marked as 'confidential', this is of indicative value only and the Council may still be obliged to disclose it if a request for information is received.

As outlined above, the result of any grant application will be subject to the approval of the overall business case by the Council's Corporate Director for Health, Care and Community Services. 
Once the business case has been agreed, funding agreements can be drawn up. The funds payable by the Council as part of the grant will be available to draw down in phases. Refer to template Grant Funding Agreement (PDF 485kb)

Following completion of the development, should the provider cease to use the property for Extra Care housing or Supported Living during the term of the Grant Funding Agreement, the Council may require the grant funding or part of it to be repaid. 

The Council shall require a restriction in its favour to be placed on the registered title to the site and may require the provider to grant the Council a legal charge.

Where Grant Funding is agreed, the Council expects that its logo will be used, in accordance with its corporate identity guidance, on all publicity and site hoardings produced or used in relation to the scheme for which the funding was released. In addition the grant recipient will be required to enter into a joint communications plan with the Council. For more information relating to publicity requirements, refer to the template Grant Funding Agreement (PDF 485kb).

Throughout the term of the Grant Funding Agreement, the Council may require information in order to assess the successful outcomes of the grant funding programme. These may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Consultation with potential residents and the local community 

  • Information on the number of units rented at 'social housing rent'  level and/or sold 

  • Uptake of the communal facilities and activities

  • Level of tenants' care and support needs

If the Council is required to recover any amount of overcompensation (as described in the 2011 Decision of the Commission of the European Communities in relation to public sector compensation granted to certain undertakings entrusted with the operation of services of general economic interest or under other legislation) the provider shall repay, and the Council will be entitled to recover, any such amount from the provider.

For the purposes of the 2011 Decision, social housing is considered to be a Service of General Economic Interest.