Health and Wellbeing - Be active and eat well

The benefits of being active and eating well

An active live and a healthy diet can reduce your risk of major illnesses. Being overweight puts a huge strain on many of the bodies systems creating an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, digestive/bowel problems and mental health issues.

It affects confidence and self-esteem, and can exacerbate social isolation and loneliness.

Research suggests physical activity can help

  • Prevent many health conditions (for example health disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke)
  • Treat many of these conditions and more (for example osteoporosis, mental health, back problems)

Active Cumbria are part of Cumbria County Council's Public Health service, their aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of communities through physical activity and sport. Head over to the Active Cumbria website where you will find all things physical activity and sport - there's something for everyone on their Activity Finder.

The NHS Choices website gives advice on:

The Change4Life website also gives advice on eating well and keeping active and don't forgot useful health apps like Couch to 5k and Easy Meals.