Fostering - Training and Development

We will provide you and your family with high quality support and learning and development opportunities to make sure that the outcomes for the foster child are the best they can be through regularly reviewing your support needs, progress and achievements every year.

Within six weeks of becoming a foster carer your supervising social worker will work with you to make a training and development plan and draw up a training programme, tailored to your needs.  Your social worker will then help you work towards the Children's Workforce Development Council Standards for Foster Care through a programme designed to fit in with your needs.

Training can be given on such issues as child protection, safe caring, attachment, medical issues and assertiveness.  We also offer online training and you will have access to an experienced mentor.

We will give you access to high quality supervision, visit you monthly and talk to you weekly, as a minimum. We'll review your needs regularly and act on your requests quickly.