Fostering case studies - Sophie and Rob

A Christmas letter to our foster child: Sophie and Rob

Dear Foster Child,

As Christmas approaches we have been thinking about the time you have spent with us so far.

It seems so much longer than eight months. The main highlight of course was definitely when you arrived! You must have been very nervous but guess what? So were we! You have changed so much since then, achieved so much and grown in every way. We have had many ups and downs but you have become so much part of us, we cannot remember what life was like without you. We look forward to seeing you every day.

We are immensely proud of the way you have adapted to your new home and family and how you have settled at your new school. You are doing so well, with work and behaviour. So many Star of the Day awards adorn our kitchen walls. You have also made friends which is something that has always been so hard for you to do.

We loved our first family holiday, in Harbottle Lodge, Northumberland. Remember the boat trip, collecting shells on the beaches and visiting Cragside and Wallington. You looked so snug and comfy in your secret camp bed each night. What great memories we have.

The 'boys', our dogs Claude, Hamilton, and your puppy Wilf, have supported you in expressing your feelings and helping you to talk about difficult subjects. Walking them with you is always an adventure. At school you talk about them more than anyone else!

We haven't been so excited about Christmas for many years. It is very special having a child to share this time of year with. We are confident that you will be on Santa's good list and cannot wait to see your face on Christmas morning and help you enjoy playing with all your new toys.  Before the big day we still have the decorating and ice skating in Newcastle on Christmas Eve to do, will this become a family tradition for us?

We hope that in 2019 you will continue your journey of trust and growth and become even happier. After Christmas we have your 10th birthday and our holiday to the Isle of Lewis to look forward to.

Much Love

Rob & Sophie (Mummy & Daddy)

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