Fostering case studies - Rob and Christine`s story

Rob and Christine of Penrith have been fostering a brother and sister (aged 9 and 13) since they were approved to foster 18 months ago.

They said: "We work in Penrith and every day we saw the fostering advert on our parking disc and eventually decided to give the number on the advert a ring. From then on it all moved quite quickly.

"They got us straight onto a training course, then our application went in and we were well supported by the assessment worker, who's a good friend now!

"We decided early on we'd like siblings and that we could manage at least two. We were shown a profile of the kids and at that point we started to get very excited; they did a great job matching us.

"Eighteen months on and this is their home now and it's like they've always been here. If you are thinking about fostering, make a call today - it's been a life changing experience for us."

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