Cumbria Outdoors - Yurts at Hawse End Centre

Yurt looking through to Hawse EndYurts at Hawse End

Towards yurts from Hawse End

Yurts or Gers are a portable, felt covered, wood lattice framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in and around Central Asia. Here at Hawse End we have two purpose built, full sized and weather resistant yurts in our centre grounds. They are impressive and interesting structures that can provide a whole host of educational and fun experiences for groups of adults and children alike.

The yurts are situated in a stunning location adjacent to the Hawse End Centre on a large, elevated, wooden decking of their own with spectacular views over Derwentwater and Borrowdale valley.

The yurts are 18' in diameter and about 10' high at the dome. They have wooden doors and 2 closable window flaps, with a clear dome in the roof to let light in, and for star gazing.

There is electric light and sockets, a projector screen, optional tables and chairs, and mats which can be used for sitting on.

In addition to the yurts, the platform contains a standpipe, gas barbeque, and 3 round picnic tables seating up to 24 people comfortably.

There are 2 outside toilets close by.