Cumbria Outdoors - accommodation - additional activities during your stay

Like hanging around? Our experienced instructors will take you to some stunning spots that will get your adrenaline pumping. We'll give you the training you need and all the gear, explain how to use the ropes and then let you get on with it. If you've not got a head for heights it might not be for you, but overcoming your fears is what adventures are all about really!


To paraphrase Mr Weller, we're going underground, going underground! Exploring the tunnels and caverns beneath our feet is a unique experience, challenging, exhilarating and really satisfying. We can take you to some of the best caving spots in the country, great for introducing novices or providing a thrill for the more experienced. Our knowledgeable instructors will help you get the most of your time down below and keep you safe in the dark.

Whose daft idea was this? With perfectly good paths crisscrossing the fells, why choose to walk up a stream? Well, because it's an absolute hoot! You'll scale waterfalls, slide down chutes, plunge into pools and be up to your neck in crystal clear Lakeland water. It might sound cold, but with the kit we'll provide you'll stay warm (ish!) and experience the Lake District from a completely different angle. We've taken hundreds of groups ghyll climbing and it never fails to challenge, excite and delight.

Ghyll scrambling1

There's nothing better than messing about in boats. We'll give you all the kit you need, teach you how to paddle and then head off for some fun. Whether it's playing games and team challenges or going on mini-expeditions to one of the lake's many islands, we always have a good time. And if you are feeling even more adventurous we can up the difficulty and distance with river trips, overnight expeditions and advanced tuition. Get in touch to talk through the options.

Canoes on rocks

It's what Cumbria and the Lake District is famous for. And rightly so. From our doorstep we're straight on the Lakeland fells and our knowledge of the paths, valleys, summits and best views in the country means you'll get the most out of your time with us. We can tailor walks for all levels of fitness and experience, making sure everyone has a great time. So whether it's a knife edge ridge walk or a historic ramble we've got it covered. 

Challenge Hike

On you own, in pairs, in teams; orienteering is guaranteed to get the competitive juices flowing. It'll test your map reading and your communication skills as you race to complete the course. We've our own permanent course in the grounds of Hawse End, but if you're looking for a bigger challenge we can create custom courses to your brief. And when you're finished, the tea and cake taste all the better.

Problem solving challenges are a great way to break up the action and do something a bit different. We've loads of tasks, tests and puzzles for teams to apply their brains and brawn to. They'll challenge your communications skills, observation, co-ordination and intelligence, and it usually gets a bit competitive too. For team building they are ideal and we can customise them so they help develop the skills and behaviours you are interested in.

First, build your raft. 100% certainty you are not staying dry with this one. In fact, if your knots are no good you'll be swimming. A lot. This is a great activity to get people working together. The goal is clear - stay afloat. But how you do that is up to you. And if you do stay afloat, what next? Races, battles, challenges (and probably sinkings). Loads of fun for all abilities.

It's the classic outdoor activity. A sheer cliff and nothing but your own strength, skill, flexibility and bravery to get you to the top. We'll show you the ropes, quite literally, and give you the hints and tips to reach new heights. From complete beginners to experienced climbers, we know all the local climbing hot spots and can provide whatever level of instruction or guiding you need. It's a real thrill when you get your hand over that top edge and look down on what' you've just achieved. Everyone should try it.

It's a fantastic feeling to be skipping over the water with the wind in your hair. Under our tuition we'll turn you from a landlubber to an old seadog (well, technically a lakedog), effortlessly harnessing the power of the wind. Hopefully. Sailing is great fun, but you do need someone to show you how it all works if you want to stay in the boat, not the lake. Our instructors will help you separate your jibs from your jibes and your tillers from your tacks, setting you on course for a life on the waves.