About the culture at Cumbria County Council

As a council, we embrace change. New technology, new roles and new ideas are helping us to shape our services for the modern age, while still holding on to Cumbria's traditions and heritage. This is an exciting time to be join the council as we look to modernise and change the way we operate as a council. As part of this commitment we will:

  • Use ICT and modern technology to improve our services

  • Simplify our policies systems and processes

  • Simplify our staffing structures having lean management layers and empowering our staff to make decisions

  • Communicate in a clear and consistent way

  • Work agilely across the county from modern fit for purpose buildings

We will change the culture of the council to make sure that all of our staff are focussed on delivering the priorities set by elected members. Staff will be supported to be adaptable in tackling the challenges ahead; to be risk aware rather than risk adverse; and demonstrate and encourage a positive set of behaviours that they have helped to develop

  • Our behaviours are:

  • Communicate in a clear and constructive way.

  • Act with honesty and respect for others

  • Demonstrate a positive flexible attitude

  • Take responsibility for our actions

  • Be committed to 'one team'