Wholetime Firefighter Recruitment - Training

The training is intense and thorough and includes theoretical lectures as well as plenty of practical exercises. There are many examinations that must be passed on the way to becoming a firefighter.

On successful completion of the basic training course individuals will progress to a probationary period and will be issued with a Development Firefighter portfolio, additionally individuals will be registered and will complete the Level 3 Emergency Fire and Rescue Services Operations in the Community Diploma, which covers all elements within the firefighter role map.

At this stage of your career regular assessments will be taken by the individual as they move towards the role of the competent firefighter. This should be achieved within 24 months of joining the Service, and should not take any longer than 36 months.

After all applicable functions have been assessed and achieved; the employee will have demonstrated that they are competent in their role and will receive the appropriate rate of pay.

All training is designed to give you the confidence when doing the job and to develop your skills. You will need to work hard, do regular study and pass formal assessments on each module of the course. Throughout the programme, you will be given a high level of support from the Operational Training Department and managers who are there to bring out your potential and guide you to success.

At Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service we value our people and believe in developing them to their maximum potential. All of our Senior Officers started out as firefighters.