Wholetime Firefighter Recruitment - Training

Training and progression

You will receive full support during your initial basic training course to give you the skills to become a professional firefighter.  

After completing training you will progress to a probationary period and will be assigned to a Watch (Shift) at a fire station.  All firefighters in development undergo the apprentice framework to support them to becoming competent in role, this is normally achieved between 18 and 24 months.

All training is designed to give you the confidence when doing the job and to guide you to success.  At Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service we value our people and believe in developing them to their maximum potential. 

Everyone who joins the Fire and Rescue Service has the same opportunities to develop and progress through the Service.

    Salary scales
    Wholetime FirefighterApprentice Firefighter
    Trainee: £ 22,908 £153.55 a week
    Development: £ 23,862If a fixed term or permanent contract is offered the pay will be that of a wholetime firefighter
    Competent: £ 30,533

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