Aspatria Fire Station

Aspatria Fire Station
King Street

Tel: 0300 303 8623 Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

Training Evening: Thursday 1900 hrs to 2100 hrs. 



Aspatria fire station is staffed by On-call Firefighters and houses one fire engine. 

Aspatria deals with a variety of incidents including road traffic collisions as the main risks associated in the area are the A596 which runs through the town and the nearby A595. They deal with agricultural fires such as barn fires, heath and moorland fires together with livestock rescues. They also attend domestic property fires.


Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service carry out Safe and Well Visits; please use the link below for more information. 

Safe and Well Visits and Safety in your home


Aspatria Station Area 300 X 447

  Next nearest supporting Fire Engine

  Maryport - 8 miles 
  Wigton - 9 miles  
  Cockermouth - 9 miles 

Station Area6,700 population
Crewing TypeOn-Call
Fire Engines1 fire engine

Aspatria is a small town in West Cumbria situated approximately half way between the west  coast and city of Carlisle, with a population of approximately 3,500 people. The main employer in the town is the Sealy bed manufacturer and First Milk & Cheese producing dairy products.

The area contains:

  • 5 Grade I listed buildings and 4 Grade II listed buildings

  • 2 Sites of Specific Scientific Interest

  • 2 Site Specific Risks; Sealy's and First Milk and Cheese

  • The Station has attended numerous rescues of person from vehicles trapped in flood water on the roads in and around the Town (B5301, Arkleby, Plumbland). Flooding has also affected domestic properties in some of the smaller local villages (Arkleby, Measgate and Baggrow in recent years)

The main risks within the station area are associated with the two busy trunk roads, the A596 which runs through the town, and the nearby A595. These roads are busy with both commuter and transport traffic, along with slow moving agricultural traffic. This all equates to a high risk for road traffic collisions in the area. Other risks are associated with the large number of agricultural premises. Open farmland brings the danger of barn fires, heath and moor land fires, as well as livestock rescues.

The table shows the number of incidents that have occurred within a nominal area assigned to the station (as shown on the map in the station profile).  This is different to the number of incidents attended by fire engines which are based at the station, as they may attend incidents outside their station area.

All emergencies attended475150
All Fires142611
Accidental primary dwelling fires410
Secondary fires283
Chimney fires132
Deliberate primary fires042
Deliberate secondary fires133
False Alarms
All false alarms221828
Special Service Calls
Non Road Traffic Collisions Special Service Calls727
Road Traffic Collisions Special Service Calls454

Response times

On-call fire engine

Average crew turnout time (time it takes the crew to respond to the station)3 mins 39 secs3 mins 57 secs3 mins 54 secs
Average response time (time it takes the crew to arrive at the incident from the station)9 mins 08 secs9 mins 19 sec9 mins 34 secs
Number of incidents attended by fire engine C03P11169589


On-call fire engine

Total Availability96.45%90.57%91.13%
Mon - Fri (08:00 - 18:00)96.39%92.35%95.72%
Mon - Thurs (18:00 - 08:00)99.22%98.86%98.16%
Fri - Mon (18:00 - 08:00)93.97%90.57%81.15%

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