Windermere Fire Station


Windermere Fire Station
Ellerthwaite Road
LA23 2AH


Tel: 0300 303 8623 Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Training Evening: Wednesday 1900 hrs to 2100 hrs.



Windermere fire station is staffed by On-call Firefighters and houses one fire engine and a Wildfire Land Rover.

The risks from the hotel and holiday industry increases several fold during the summer periods with visitors occupying the many hundreds of hotels and boarding houses within the area. In addition to the normal run of incidents expected in a rural area a particular challenge is presented by properties on islands. Other risks include open farmland and fells which brings the danger of agricultural and wildfires, firefighters receive specialist training to enable them to deal with wildfires.


Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service carry out Safe and Well Visits; please use the link below for more information.

Safe and Well Visits and Safety in your home


Windermere Station Area 300 X 447

  Next nearest supporting Fire Engine

  Staveley - 4 miles 
  Ambleside - 6 miles  
  Kendal - 9 miles 

Station Area8,100 population
Crewing TypeOn-Call
Fire Engines1 fire engine and 1 Wildfire Land Rover

Windermere is a large village situated in the heart of the Lake District. As Windermere is a famous holiday destination the resident population increases significantly during summer periods who occupy the many hundreds of hotels and boarding houses within the area
significantly increasing the sleeping risk. Apart from the risks from the hotel and holiday industry, Lakeland Limited, which is an international company, has a large distribution and retail centre within the village which employs hundreds of people and is a multi-million pound operation.

One of the most serious fires that the station attended in recent times involved the unique Round House on Belle Isle in the middle of Lake Windermere. Over the Christmas period of 1994 a fire caused extensive damage to the property and at the height of the blaze 80 personnel were required to deal with the incident. This proved extremely challenging as all these people and equipment had to be ferried over using boats provided by the Lake Wardens in the early hours of the morning of the fire.

The area contains:

  • 1 Heritage Site; Brockhole

  • 8 Grade I listed buildings and 19 Grade II listed buildings

  • 5 Sites of Specific Scientific Interest

  • 1 Site Specific Risk; Belle Isle House

  • Bowness Bay, The Glebe and Whitecross Bay are susceptible to flooding and during the recent floods of 2009 significant areas and businesses around the lake were under several feet of water. Other areas of both Windermere and Bowness suffer from flash flooding and surface water run off generally resulting in demand to pump out flooded basements and cellars.

The table shows the number of incidents that have occurred within a nominal area assigned to the station (as shown on the map in the station profile).  This is different to the number of incidents attended by fire engines which are based at the station, as they may attend incidents outside their station area.

All emergencies attended816573
All Fires191621
Accidental primary dwelling fires755
Secondary fires256
Chimney fires222
Deliberate primary fires013
Deliberate secondary fires211
False Alarms
All false alarms404039
Special Service Calls
Non Road Traffic Collisions Special Service Calls19310
Road Traffic Collisions Special Service Calls363

Response times

On-call fire engine

Average crew turnout time (time it takes the crew to respond to the station)4 mins 1 secs4 mins 19 secs4 mins 27 sec
Average response time (time it takes the crew to arrive at the incident from the station)7 mins 14 sec8 mins 17 secs9 mins 55 secs
Number of incidents attended by fire engine C70P1978997


On-call fire engine

Total Availability98%96%92%
Mon - Fri (08:00 - 18:00)97%89%84%
Mon - Thurs (18:00 - 08:00)100%100%99%
Fri - Mon (18:00 - 08:00)98%98%93%

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