Kendal Fire Station


Kendal Fire Station
Busher Walk


Telelphone: 0300 303 8623 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Training Evening: Tuesday 7pm to 9pm.



Kendal fire station is staffed by Regular and On-call Firefighters and houses 2 fire engines and a Prime Mover which is used to transport the county's 2 High Volume Pumps (HVP).

The HVPs, in addition to giving Cumbria the capability of tackling serious flooding incidents, have been used very successfully, on a national basis, outside the county too. Risks in the area include responding to road traffic collisions due to the adjacent M6 motorway and the nearby 'A' roads. The River Kent originates in hills surrounding Kentmere, and flows for around 20 miles into the north of Morecambe Bay. The stations firefighters receive specialist training to deal with water incidents.


Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service carry out Safe and Well Visits; please use the link below for more information.

Safe and Well Visits and Safety in your home


Kendal Station Area 300 X 447

  Next nearest supporting Fire Engine 

 Staveley - 4 miles

 Milnthorpe - 8 miles

 Windermere - 8 miles

Station Area36,000 population
Crewing TypeDay-Crewed (8am - 8pm) and On-call
Fire Engines2 fire-engines, 1 High Volume Pump and a Boat

Kendal is situated in the south east of Cumbria and is mainly an industrial town formed by many small industries with a population of around 33,000. The towns' ideal location means that it attracts a large transient population of holiday makers on their way to the Lakes increasing the sleeping risk particularly during the holiday seasons. In the recent past, the towns' success was mainly due to businesses like shoe manufacturing and the insurance industry, now however, the town continues to be successful by way of a varied industrial work-base. 

The area contains:


• 5 Grade 1 and 19 Grade II listed Buildings


• 7 Sites of Specific Scientific Interest


• Site Specific Risks within the station area, Watchgate Water Treatment Works, Westmorland General Hospital, Furmanite International Ltd, Farleys Health Products, James Cropper, Westmorland Shopping Centre, National Grid Sub Station


• Kendal Station area has significant flood risks. The Flood Risk area covers approximately 9.4 Km2 from James Cropper paper mill in Burneside village to Helsington Mills at the southern extremity of Kendal. The Kent rises in the hills surrounding Kentmere and flows only a short distance of 32Km before entering the sea at the Northern End of Morecambe Bay. The Kent has three main tributaries joining upstream of the town, the Mint, Sprint and Gowan. The flood catchment is predominantly rural apart from the urban area of Kendal whose early industry developed alongside the banks of the Kent. There are almost 1500 properties at risk.

The table shows the number of incidents that have occurred within a nominal station area (as shown on the map in the station profile).  This is different to the number of incidents attended by fire engines which are based at the station, as they may attend incidents outside their station area.

All emergencies attended287232272
All Fires636768
Accidental primary dwelling fires141517
Secondary fires71939
Chimney fires778
Deliberate primary fires352
Deliberate secondary fires12919
False Alarms
All false alarms158109143
Special Service Calls
Non Road Traffic Collisions Special Service Calls401639
Road Traffic Collisions Special Service Calls264022

Response times

Day Crewed Fire Engine

Fire Engine C60P12017/182018/192019/20
Average crew turnout time (time it takes the crew to respond to the station)2 mins 44 secs2 mins 15 secs1 mins 50 secs
Average response time (time it takes the crew to arrive at the incident from the station)8 mins 14 secs10 mins 10 secs7 mins 27 secs
Number of incidents attended by fire engine C60P1317292314

On-call Fire Engine

Fire Engine C60P22017/18 
Average crew turnout time (time it takes the crew to respond to the station)5 mins 59 secs6 mins 0 secs5 mins 23 secs
Average response time (time it takes the crew to arrive at the incident from the station)8 mins 30 secs7 mins 50 secs13 mins 17 secs
Number of incidents attended by fire engine C60P2635360

Availability of fire engines

Day Crewed Fire Engine

Fire Engine C60P12017/182018/192019/20
Total Availability100%100%100%
Mon - Fri (08:00 - 18:00)100%100%100%
Mon - Thurs (18:00 - 08:00)100%100%100%
Fri - Mon (18:00 - 08:00)100%100%100%

On-call Fire Engine

Fire Engine C60P22017/182018/19 
Total Availability72%72%86%
Mon - Fri (08:00 - 18:00)91%56%95%
Mon - Thurs (18:00 - 08:00)72%42%87%
Fri - Mon (18:00 - 08:00)56%56%77%

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