Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service - community volunteers - delivery of training in the community

Volunteers are actively involved in numerous training activities around the County depending on their knowledge, skills and abilities. Some of our volunteers have trained to become trainers themselves and take a leading role in passing on our safety initiatives and preventative measures; others support lead volunteers, crews and other CFRS personnel carry out their training duties.

HeartStart is probably the most widely delivered campaign our volunteers are involved in and often seek out communities themselves to deliver training.

Road Awareness Training (RAT) is an effective education package that is designed to be delivered at the final school year (Year 11) before pupils are allowed to drive on the roads. This package is to raise their awareness of the dangers on the roads and what the effects of road traffic collisions and of the consequences to themselves and to others if they cause or are involved in a collision. This is a hard hitting programme that does show graphic accounts of road collisions and our Volunteers tend to support Crews deliver this training.

Dementia: As Part of CFRS action plan to help communities understand and support people living with dementia, we are presently working with partners to disseminate training throughout the County. Crews, Staff, Managers and Volunteers alike are training to be dementia friends so they can support people with and carers of people with dementia, or dementia champions so they can actively deliver the training on our behalf.

Fire Safety Training: Volunteers actively deliver the preventative message to groups around the County. Examples are delivery of training in Schools, YMCA, WI,   Colleges and Housing Associations.