Working for Cumbria Care - People who care

You have to be really special to work in care and at times it can be really tough. But more importantly it can be a more rewarding role than any other. Don't just take our word for it, learn more from our staff profiles:


Catherine worked in food manufacturing for 15 years but when the pandemic hit and her role was put at risk she tried something new and joined Cumbria Care as a Domestic. 

"I worked in a factory for 15 years, care is a complete change and I absolutely love it!

During lockdown I was furloughed, I felt very upset and I didn't know what was going to happen. I really wanted to get back to work though so I applied for a role as a cleaner. The staff team were really friendly and welcoming. After a couple of months I applied for a job as a carer in the same home, before I started I didn't think I had what it takes to care for someone like that but the more I learned and got to know the people living in the home the more realised how much I would enjoy it. 

Everyday is different in care. I love being able to help people. To go into work and make their day a bit better. It's great!

I have never had any concerns about working in a care home. We haven't had a shortage of PPE at any point, everything is on hand so there is nothing to be frightened of. I knew everything was getting cleaned properly as I was the one cleaning it! It felt like one of the safest places to be and it was nice to go out to work and spend time with colleagues.

Why didn't I do it before? I am still finding my feet but I love the caring side. It's a breath of fresh air. I don't get up and dread going to work now, I really look forward to going in every day."

"I had been working as a private carer before joining Cumbria Care in December but the prospect of working in a residential home was a bit concerning. I didn't know what to expect. I have an 8-month-old and you can't help but worry. 

When I met with Clare (the manager) and went through the procedures they had in place and the care taken to prevent spread I was really reassured. Now we have had the vaccination as well it is even better. It really reduces my worries.

I have been a carer since I was 18 but not worked in learning disability before. I am really enjoying this area of support and all the new challenges. It is so much fun and so rewarding."

Bryony works as a Reablement Support Worker, helping to build people's skills and independence after periods of illness or hospital stays.

"I have previously worked in care with another provider but when returning from maternity leave, I wanted a role that would fit around my family better. 

I joined Cumbria Care as a Night Support Worker. I had heard good things about working for the council and it has more than lived up to my expectations. It is the best place I have worked at so far. You feel appreciated and the communication is good. The training is really good despite the limitations caused by COVID. I have settled into the team really quickly and I am really enjoying it. 

Working nights could make you feel out of the loop but when you send an email there is always a response, anything you raised has been dealt with while you slept and you get back to work and it is sorted.

My favourite part of the job is meeting new people on my rounds. All the people I support are really lovely and so are the staff team. The clients are even looking forward to seeing you for a chat at 3am. I look forward to going to work. It is nice just leaving the house at the moment!

I was a bit apprehensive when I first came back to work but you always have loads of PPE and now I've have the vaccine I feel way better. 

It was difficult being at home on maternity, even though I loved spending time with my baby. I wanted to be out there in the community helping people again. At least I feel like I am doing something to help."


"I would say there is no better job than working for Cumbria Care, it gives so many rewards. Yes, there are ups and downs as there are in any job, but you really can make a difference to somebody's day and you get to meet the most amazing people along the way.

I started working for the County Council in 1985 as a relief Care assistant at Grisedale Croft in Alston. From the first day I always knew that I wanted to progress to a Supervisor but there were not many opportunities to do so in those days as 'us young one's' were not seen as being old enough to do such a role by the older staff. However, despite this attitude I managed to progress and once I had achieved this I set my sights on becoming a Registered Manager which I achieved in 2010.

I was fortunate to have a really good manager when I first started who encouraged me and always believed even as a relief carer you should know how to do every job required. I have always been well supported by my managers and also my colleagues along the way and there is always someone to go to should you need advice or help with something.

If you want to progress your career, then the Council provide a lot of opportunities to do so whether it is into a manager/supervisor role or different services such as reablement or Children's services and the council. There is also opportunity for training to improve existing skills and knowledge.

My absolute favourite part of the job has to be my service users, getting to know them and building relationships with both them and their families, just making a difference to someone's day no matter how small that may be. I enjoy the challenges it gives me, there are no two days the same".