Cumbria Care - Day Services

Day Services for older adults

Some of these services may be impacted by coronavirus.

Cumbria Care offer a range of Day Services in a warm and welcoming environment. Activities are designed to support people to maintain their independence for as long as possible, helping people to remain at home for longer. Staff support meaningful, personalised and engaging activities and by meeting with others the support helps to reduce loneliness and social isolation. 

Friendly and safe specialised support is available for those living with dementia, with opportunities to be involved in stimulating and therapeutic activities provided by experienced staff. 

Our staff are professionally trained and passionate about what they do. Staff approach their roles with creativity to ensure the varied activities meet the needs of people attending and promote their wellbeing.

Our day care services improve quality of life for individuals attending through building new friendships and by giving the opportunity for people to get extra support with some daily tasks such assisted bathing and hairdressing. Nutritious hot meals are provided and snacks are available throughout the day.

Examples of activities offered include:

  • quizzes and games 
  • arts and crafts
  • sing-a-longs
  • music and dance therapy
  • reminiscence therapy and exercises
  • accessible exercise

Day services for adults with a physical and/or learning disability

Cumbria Care have a diverse range of Day Services for adults with a physical and/or learning disability. The support offered is highly personalised to meet the needs of the individual and promote and maintain independence. 

We encourage everyone to access facilities and activities in the local area wherever possible and provide the support to access those services so that individuals are truly integrated into their local community. Staff also lead workshops to support individuals with independence skills and support other activities based on the interests and wishes of individuals attending. Our staff team are highly experienced and well trained and provide dignified, professional and friendly support. 

Specialised and therapeutic activities are available in some centres to meet the complex needs of our service users. 

Opportunities are available for individuals to gain work-based skills, with a variety of placements available including woodwork skills, customer service and various crafts.