LGA Corporate Peer Challenge 2019

In June 2019, we invited the Local Government Association to conduct a Corporate Peer Challenge, as part of their sector led improvement offer. This involved experienced senior members and officers from other councils. They provided valuable insight into our strengths and areas to develop further to support our ambitions set out in the Council Plan.

Cumbria County Council welcomes the final report, which found that the Council's performance was very good with significant progress being made.

The Peer team spoke to more than 200 people, including a range of council staff, elected members and external partners and stakeholders. In total, they collectively spent more than 450 hours to determine their findings - the equivalent of one person spending around thirteen working weeks in Cumbria.

In developing their findings, the LGA Peers focussed on the following six Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs):

  • Area Working
  • Understanding of the local place and priority setting
  • Leadership of Place
  • Organisational leadership and governance
  • Financial planning and viability
  • Capacity to deliver

A copy of their report and position statement can be downloaded from the available documents on this page.